100 Pack 300cc Individually Wrapped Oxygen Absorbers For Food Storage ( 1 Pack Of 1 ) O2 Absorbers Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers for Long Term Food Storage, Best for Flour Sugar Keep within Mylar Bags

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Kitchen » 100 Pack 300cc Individually Wrapped Oxygen Absorbers For Food Storage ( 1 Pack Of 1 ) O2 Absorbers Food Grade Oxygen Absorbers for Long Term Food Storage, Best for Flour Sugar Keep within Mylar Bags
Product Description

Brand: HomArtist

Color: 300cc-100pack


  • 【The Most Convenient Package 】 Individually Wrapped Oxygen Absorbers Packet perfectly solves the problem when you only need some Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage use but needs to reseal the original packaging after use, and also avoid some situations where you forgot to seal and finally wasted most of the unused Oxygen Absorbers. Our Oxygen Absorbers is 1 packet of 1 piece individual vacuum sealed package makes it the most convenient and worry-free for you to use in all condition.
  • 【100% Effective Oxygen Absorber】 Individually Wrapped Oxygen Absorbers Packet not only have been vacuum sealed, but also put into a solid box and then shipped to you, which will perfectly avoid the waste of food caused by you put the oxygen absorber that had exposed to air together with the long term storage food.
  • 【Highly Efficient Oxygen Absorbers 】300cc Oxygen Absorbers for Food Storage, each packet is 2.2′ x 1.6′ & weight 5g, which is 66.67% larger than others , makes our 300cc oxygen absorbers can absorb 200% more oxygen than other brands. So use our oxygen absorber storing hard granular dry foods (such as nuts, soybeans, coffee beans, etc. ) with mylar bags will make the bags look like vacuum-sealed when properly handled. Please note Mylar bag needs heat sealing.
  • 【Widely Application to All Type of Dry Foods】 300cc Oxygen Packets for Food Storage widely applied to pet foods, nuts, flour, cereals, pasta, dried beans, milk powder, cereals, freeze-dried food, spices,etc; Ideal for use with 1 gallon, 1/2 gallon, 1 Quart Mylar bags, as well as in Mason jars, #10 Cans and other sealed containers for long-term food storage. For better food preservation, we recommend using two packets of 300cc oxygen absorbers in 1 gallon Mylar bags/ mason jars .
  • 【Great on Extending Shelf Life of Foods】Food Grade Oxygen Absorber is Essential for Long-term Food Storage. As we know, oxygen will cause the food browning & malodor, so our oxygen absorber can remove 99.99% oxygen from the sealed environment, maintain the original taste, flavor, color and nutrition of food. It can extending the shelf life of dry food up to 30 years when the food has been store properly. Absorbentes De Oxigeno Para Alimentos Deoxidizer
  • 【Premium Oxygen Packets for Food Storage】 High-quality healthy materials, odorless and non-toxic, will not contaminate food, only remove oxygen, maintain the original taste of food, and extend the shelf life of food; if you have any product & operation issue, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 12 hours;
  • Pls Noted: During the shipping, a few water vapor in the Oxygen Absorbers will condense into water and leads the oxygen indicator color change to purple in some case, but the individually wrapped is good, and will not affect the effectiveness.

Details: Why we need long term food storage ? A long-term food storage pantry is designed to provide a buffer of food for you and your family in case of unexpected shortages due to a large-scale disaster of some kind. Long-term food storage can take many different forms, but is primarily comprised of three types of food: 1.Shelf-stable grocery store items such as canned goods, boxed meals, and dry pastas. 2.Freeze-dried food that has a 30+ year shelf life. 3.Bulk dry goods such as beans, rice, and grains. One of the big advantages is that bulk dry goods are very inexpensive in comparison. In fact, just a few hundred dollars’ worth of bulk beans, lentils, and rice can feed a family for several months. These items, along with some spices for flavoring are always my suggestions for people who are looking for some quick long-term food storage and are on a very tight budget. What are oxygen absorbers? Oxygen absorbers are harmless little packages of iron powder. They are non-toxic and BPA-free. Also, they are used to remove oxygen from the air (which is 21% oxygen, with the rest being mostly nitrogen) when packaging dry foods. So, when you put an oxygen absorber in an airtight container, the oxygen in that container “sticks” to the iron in the oxygen absorber. This leaves only nitrogen in the air (which doesn’t affect your food). Why should I use oxygen absorbers? First of all, an important part of knowing how to use oxygen absorbers safely is knowing why they are used at all. So, there are five main reasons to use oxygen absorbers when packaging dry foods: To increase shelf life (up to 30 years for most dry foods). Secondly, keep the food fresh, Nothing will grow without oxygen! To prevent dehydrated or freeze-dried fruits from browning So that flavor will be kept. What’s in the package? 300cc Oxygen Absorbers with vacuum sealed package * 100 packets How to use Oxygen Absorbers the right way(Product operating instructions) * 1

Package Dimensions: 58x243x721

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