11.25″ Microwave Glass Plate WB49X10097 Compatible with GE Samsung Hotpoint Glass Turntable Tray Replaces DE63-00536A

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Major Appliances » 11.25″ Microwave Glass Plate WB49X10097 Compatible with GE Samsung Hotpoint Glass Turntable Tray Replaces DE63-00536A
Product Description


Color: Clear


  • QTY: Pack of 1, Color: Clear, Diameter: 11.25’’ (28.6cm)
  • It fits some GE, Samsung, Hotpoint and other brands microwave. It is not universal. If you’re not sure whether or not a parts you’re ordering fits your model, please feel free to contact with us before ordering. Include your Model number. We can verify the part will fit your model
  • To avoid buying wrong part, we suggest you measure the microwave interior to ensure that it will fit an 11 and 1/4″ plate before ordering, and Check your bushing coupler (the centerpiece that turns the plate) & ensure it has three notches – these should align w/ the middle of the plate
  • It replaces 947207, WB39X0078, WB39X78, WB49X10034, EAP651544, PS651544, AP3188581, 947207
  • For any reason you’re not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or full refund, no question asked

Details: 11.25″ Microwave Glass Turntable Plate
Condition: New
Qty: Pack of 1

Compatible with following models:
HVM1540DP1BB, HVM1540DP1WW, HVM1540DP2BB, HVM1540DP2WW, HVM1540LP1CS, HVM1540LP2CS, HVM1540SP1SS, HVM1540SP2SS , JNM1541DP1BB, JNM1541DP1CC, JNM1541DP1WW, JNM1541DP2BB, JNM1541DP2CC, JNM1541DP2WW, JNM1541LP1CS, JNM1541LP2CS, JNM1541MP1SA, JNM1541MP2SA, JNM1541SP1SS, JNM1541SP2SS, JNM1731DP1BB, JNM1731DP1CC, JNM1731DP1WW, JNM1731DP2BB, JNM1731DP2CC, JNM1731DP2WW, JNM6171DF1BB, JNM6171DF1WW, JVM1540DP1BB, JVM1540DP1CC, JVM1540DP1WW, JVM1540DP2BB, JVM1540DP2CC, JVM1540DP2WW, JVM1540LP1CS, JVM1540LP2CS, JVM1540MP2SA, JVM1540SP1SS, JVM1540SP2SS, JVM1730DP1BB, JVM1730DP1CC, JVM1730DP1WW, JVM1730DP2BB, JVM1730DP2CC, JVM1730DP2WW, JVM1740DP1BB, JVM1740DP1CC, JVM1740DP1WW, JVM1740DP2BB, JVM1740DP2CC, JVM1740DP2WW, JVM1740SP1SS, JVM1740SP2SS, JVM1750EP2ES, JVM6170DF1BB, JVM6170DF1WW, JVM6172DF1BB, JVM6172DF1WW, JVM6172RF1SB, JVM6172SF1SS, JVM6175BL1TS, JVM6175DF1BB, JVM6175DF1WW, JVM6175DK1WW, JVM6175DK2BB, JVM6175DK2WW, JVM6175EF1ES, JVM6175EK1ES, JVM6175EK2ES, JVM6175RF1SB, JVM6175RF1SS, JVM6175SF1SS, JVM6175SK1SS, JVM6175SK2SS, JVM6175WW1DK, JVM6177DF1BB, JVM6177DF1WW, JVM6177RF1SB, JEM25BF001, JEM25BF002, JEM25BF01, JEM25DM1BB, JEM25DM1WW, JEM25DM2BB, JEM25WF(01-02), JEM25WF001, JEM31BF(01-02), JEM31BF001, JEM31CF(01-02), JEM31CF001, JEM31SF(01-02), JEM31SF001, JEM31WF(01-02), JEM31WF001, JES1136WL(01-02), JES1139BL(02-03), JES1139WL(01-03), JES831WF001, JES838SH001, LVM1750DP1BB, LVM1750DP1WW, LVM1750DP2BB, LVM1750DP2WW, LVM1750SP1SS, LVM1750SP2SS, LVM6177DF1BB, LVM6177DF1WW, LVM6177SF1SS, ME16H702SEB, ME16H702SES, ME16H702SEW, ME16K3000AB, ME16K3000AS, ME16K3000AW , PEM1050DM1BB, PEM1050DM1CC, PEM1050DM1WW, PEM1050SM1SS, PEM31DM1BB, PEM31DM1CC, PEM31DM1WW, PEM31DM2BB, PEM31DM2CC, PEM31DM2WW, PEM31DM3BB, PEM31DM3CC, PEM31DM3WW, PEM31SM1SS, PEM31SM2SS, PEM31SM3SS, PEM31SM4SS, REM25SJ01, REM25SJ02, REM25SJ03, SMH1611B, SMH1611P,

Package Dimensions: 24x306x898

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