65W Charger for HP Pavilion X360 11 13 15 17 Chromebook 11 14 ProBook 640 450 430 EliteBook 840 850 745 G1 G3 G5 G7 Envy X2 Zbook 14 Spectre 15 Series 45W Laptop Power Supply Adapter with 8.5Ft Cord

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Personal Computer » 65W Charger for HP Pavilion X360 11 13 15 17 Chromebook 11 14 ProBook 640 450 430 EliteBook 840 850 745 G1 G3 G5 G7 Envy X2 Zbook 14 Spectre 15 Series 45W Laptop Power Supply Adapter with 8.5Ft Cord
Product Description

Brand: Uflatek


  • Charger Input: AC 100-240V~1.6A 50-60Hz; Output: DC 19.5V-3.33A; 65W Blue Tip(compatiable with 19.5V 2.30A 45W)Connector Size: 4.5×3.0mm and 7.4×5.0mm(Note: Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter are accordant before purchase)
  • Compatibility: For HP Pavilion 11 13 14 15 17; Stream 11 13 14 15 X360; Chromebook 11 13 14; HP Probook; EliteBook; ProBook x360; Envy x2 13 15 17 M6 X360; Zbook 14 G2 G7/ 14U G4 G5 G6/ 15U G2 G3 G4 G5 G6/ X2 G4; Spectre 15 x360 13 Ultrabook X2 13-4000; TouchSmart 10-E010NR 10-E019NR 10-E020CA
  • Compatiable with HP P/N: HSTNN-CA40; 11-E010NR 11-E011AU 11-E015DX 11-K120NR; 13-AN0010NR 13-S192NR 13-S120NR 13-D010NR 13-D040WM 13-D037TU 13-AD173CL 13-AD010NR 13-AD102NE 13-AD120NR 13-AD065NR 13-4001DX 13-4005DX 13-4100DX 13-4105DX 13-4110DX 13-4193DX 13-4194DX 13-4195DX; 14-AL007LA 14-AL061NR 14-AL062NR 14-V063US 14M-BA011DX 14-BA110NR 14-BA175NR 14-BA125CL 14-BA153CL 14-BF040WM 14-BF050WM 14M-CD0003DX 14M-CD0001DX 14M-BA015DX 14M-BA114DX
  • Compatiable with HP P/N: M3-U003DX; 15-BR158CL 15-BR082WM 15-BR159CL 15-RB010NR 15-BR076NR 15-BK193MS 15-BK163DX 15-BK168CL 15-BK020WM 15-E010US 15-E020US M3-U003DX 15M-CN0011DX 15M-CN0012DX 15M-CP0011DX 15M-CP0012DX 15M-BP111DX 15M-BP012DX 15M-BP011DX 15M-BQ121DX 15M-BQ021DX; 17-Y004DS 17-Y005DS 17-Y006DS 17-Y010NR 17-Y020CA 17-Y020WM 17-Y030CA 17-Y031NR 17-Y050CA 17-Y051CA 17-Y052CA 17-Y053CA 17-Y054CA 17-X001DS 17-X005DS 17-X008DS 17-X009CY 17-X009DS
  • Compatiable with HP Pavilion DV5 and DV6 Notebook PC series: DV5-1235DX DV5-1125NR DV5-1392NR DV5-1254US DV5-2035DX DV5-2134US DV5-2145DX DV5-2134NR DV6-1378NR DV6-1259DX DV6-1355DX DV6-1350US DV6-1359WM DV6-1352DX DV6-1238NR DV6-1030US DV6-2155DX DV6-2066DX DV6-2050US DV6-2162NR DV6-2190US DV6-3127DX DV6-3225DX DV6-3123CL DV6-3025DX DV6-3257CL DV6-6C35DX DV6-6C40US DV6-6C14NR DV6-6033CL DV6-6C16NR DV6-6C50US DV6-7013CL DV6-7138US DV6-7043CL DV6-7020US DV6-7245US DV6-7078CA DV6-7213NR
  • UL/CE/FCC Certification: Power uses high-performance varistor, Built-in IC chip technology provides overload, short circuit protection, overload protection, heat protection. The power adapter will heat up normally when charge voltage and current output.
  • Quality & Service: Package List: 1x AC Power Adapter & 1x AC Power Cable. Our products will charge your device as efficiently as the original charger. Eligible for replacement or refund within 30 days30-day. Offer warranty and After-sale Service.

Details: Specifications:
Input Voltage: 100-240v ~ 1.5A / 50-60Hz
Output: 19.5v – 3.33A | Power Wattage: 65W

Compatiable with:
For Probook: 430 G3,430 G4,430 G5,440 G1,440 G3,440 G4,440 G5,440 G6,450 G3,450 G4,450 G5,450 G6,455 G3,455 G4,455 G5,470 G3,470 G4,470 G5,640 G2,640 G3,640 G4,650 G2,650 G3
For Elitebook: 725 G3,725 G4,745 G3,745 G4,745 G5,755 G3,755 G4,755 G5,820 G3,820 G4,840 G3,840 G4,840 G5,850 G3,850 G4,850 G5
For Elitebook Folio: 1020 G1,1030 G1,1040 G1,1040 G2,1040 G3
For Zbook: 14 G2,14u G4,15u G2,15u G3,15u G4,x2 G4
For Pavilion TouchSmart: 15-n210us,15-n210dx,15-n211dx,15-n220us,15-n228us,15-n230us,15-n240us,15-n260us,15-n280us,15-n290nr,15z-n200,15-f111dx,15-f211wm
For Pavilion x2: 11-h110nr,11-h010ca,11-h010nr,13-p110nr,13-p120nr,13-p111nr,13-p113cl,13-p117cl,13-p120ca,13z-p100
For Pavilion x360: 11-k120nr,13-s128nr,13-s192nr,m3-u001dx,m3-u003dx
For Stream Notebook: 11-r010nr,11-r014wm,11-r020nr,11-d010nr,11-d010wm,11-d011wm,11-d020nr,13-c010nr,13z-p100,14-z010nr,14-z040wm
For Stream 11 Pro G3,Stream 11 Pro G4 EE
For Envy Notebook: m6-p013dx,m6-p113dx,m6-ae151dx
For Envy x360: 15-u110dx,15-u111dx,m6-w010dx,m6-w103dx,m6-w105dx,m6-w101dx,15-u010dx,15-u011dx
For Envy x2: 13-j002dx,15-c001dx
For Spectre x360: 13-4001dx,13-4005dx,13-4100dx,13-4103dx,13-4105dx,13-4110dx,13-4116dx,13-4193dx,13-4194dx,13-4195dx
For Spectre x2: 13t-h200,13-h211nr
For Chromebook: Chromebook 11 G4,Chromebook 11 G5

UPC: 808281799145

Package Dimensions: 45x190x331

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