Aquaboon 5 Micron 20″ x 4.5″ CTO Carbon Block & Sediment Replacement Filter Cartridges Set | 2 set, 4PK COMPATIBLE WITH: FC25BX4, 32-450-20-GREEN, EP20-BB, 2C-20BB, 155358-43, DGD-5005-20, 33003117-1

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Kitchen » Aquaboon 5 Micron 20″ x 4.5″ CTO Carbon Block & Sediment Replacement Filter Cartridges Set | 2 set, 4PK COMPATIBLE WITH: FC25BX4, 32-450-20-GREEN, EP20-BB, 2C-20BB, 155358-43, DGD-5005-20, 33003117-1
Product Description

Brand: Aquaboon

Color: White


  • 💧 [HEALTHY SET] Our set of Sediment and Carbon filter cartridges will help you to keep your water purified and fresh. Carbon filters work on the basis of the absorption process and sediment filters provides mechanical filtration. Our Filter Cartridges has been thoroughly tested and verified to meet health and product standards. Make your home uncontaminated by removing chlorine and other harmful industrial chemicals – drink the water knowing that it is 100% safe.
  • 💧 [CARBON] Activated carbon water filter comes in sealed packaging, so you can be sure that it will not go to waste, it will works better and lasts longer. This durable coconut shell activated carbon water filters is mainly designed to remove volatile organic compounds, in particular chlorine. It will also help you get rid of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. By installing a carbon filter, you can forget about unpleasant taste and smell.
  • 💧 [SEDIMENT] 100% pure POLYPROPYLENE. Quality mechanical filtration ensure to remove more contaminants, large and small particles from drinking water, such as sand, dirt, sludge, and rust particles. It has the advantage of having layers with graded density, it’s a sieve with porosity that allows only water to pass through. The inner core of a Sediment filter cartridge is denser than the outer core, which allows the product to trap finer and finer particles, thereby making it serve longer.
  • 💧 [COMPATIBLE CARBON CARTRIDGES] BLUONICS BLCTO20X2, BLCTO20X4, ClearChoice CCS031, Express Water FLTWH2045C, FLTWH2045C02, Geekpure BC20-BB-5, Harmsco HAC-BB-20-W, iSpring FC25BX4, KX Matrikx 32-450-20-GREEN, KX-MATRIKX-CTO2-HD20, Pentek 255678-43, EP20-BB, Purenex 2C-20BB, Ronaqua 2C-20BB, 6C-20BB, RA-2CTO-20BB, Tier1 EP5-20BB, FHR-20-45-CARBON-KIT, COMIN16JU023031, Water Filters Depot (WFD) WF-CB205-BB, Wholesale Market LLC BBCTO-20B4, CTO20B4, MAX WATER USA Inc. 104114-4, etc.
  • 💧 [COMPATIBLE SEDIMENT CARTRIDGES] 3M Aqua-Pure 5618903, AP810-2, BLUONICS PP-20B4, ClearChoice CCS034, Filter Specialist CMMF0520-45W1, H2O LF-PP-005-508, iSpring FP25B, FP25BX2, Liquatec SDF-45-2005, Neo-Pure MBGC-45200-05, Pentek 155358-43, CWD-PENTEK-DGD-5005-20, DGD-5005-20, Pura 33003117-1, Purenex 4S-20B-5M, Ronaqua 10S-20BB5, BBSED-20B4, 2C-20BB5, SpiroPure SP-DD-5005-20BB, Tier1 P5-20BB, Valuetrex VX05-20BB, Viqua CMB-520-HF, Watts FPMB-BB5-20, WholesalemarketLLC PP-20B10, etc.

Details: THE FOLLOWING 4-PACK 20” BB FILTERS SET INCLUDES:2 OF 5 MICRON 20” BB CARBON BLOCK CTO WATER FILTER CARTRIDGE BY AQUABOONActivated carbon block is a blend of fine activated carbon, water, and a suitable binder that is mixed and molded then hardened or extruded to a cartridge filter of any size and shape. Carbon block is made of fine coconut shell removing chlorine, odors and tastes of many organic and chemical compounds, at the same time it offers a much finer filtration of suspended particles and dirt.Features: Class 1 Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction Made with Premium Quality Coconut Shell Activated Carbon 5 Mic Filtration No Release of Carbon Fines Fits all Standard 20″ BB/Full Flow Filter Housings Dimensions: 20” x 4.5” 20,000 Gal Capacity Flow rate: 6 GPM Max. Operating Pressure: 90 PSI Operating Temperature: 39°F~125°F Lifetime: Replace once or twice times a year2 OF 5 MICRON 20” BB SEDIMENT PP WATER FILTER CARTRIDGES BY AQUABOONSediment filter is made of fine melted polypropylene, which is blown and spun in a cylinder-like form. The main function of sediment filter is to remove large and fine particles from a drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. These filters have graded density layers, meaning the outer layers are more porous, catching larger particles, while the inner layers are a finer micron catching smaller particles. Each cartridge is individually shrink-wrapped.Features: Micron rating: 5 Mic Dimensions: 20” x 4.5” Lifetime: Replace two or three times a year, depending on the water quality Individually shrink wrapped Flow rate: 5 GPM Filter life: 20,000 gal Operating Temperature: 39°F~125°F (4°C~52°C) Max. Operating Pressure: 90 PSI Removes dust, particles, and rust Good for water filters and aquariums

UPC: 817905021357

Package Dimensions: 254x533x8387

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