Candor Rotatable Push Broom | 63 Inch Long Lightweight Flexible Cleaning Brush Swiftly Glides Under Beds, Tables, Sofas, Ovens | Also Includes A Handy Brush to Clean The Broom | 13 Inch Head

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Home » Candor Rotatable Push Broom | 63 Inch Long Lightweight Flexible Cleaning Brush Swiftly Glides Under Beds, Tables, Sofas, Ovens | Also Includes A Handy Brush to Clean The Broom | 13 Inch Head
Product Description

Brand: Candor


  • THE FASTEST WAY TO CLEAN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE: This lightweight, easy to use sweeper broom is unlike anything you’ve seen before. The flexible rotating head allows you to clean up floors in a jiff. Even the tightest spaces and turns are not a problem for this shop broom.
  • YOU CAN ADJUST THE HANDLE TO ANY LENGTH: We want people of all sizes to be able to enjoy the benefits of our one of a kind brooms for floor cleaning. At full length, this deck brush is 63 inches long. It’s fully adjustable though, so you can make the stick as long or short as you like.
  • INCLUDES A BONUS BRUSH TO CLEAN THE BROOM: Have you ever picked up a broom only to find the bristles covered in dust and other junk? This kitchen broom also includes a brush comb, so you can quickly remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and more from the horse hair bristles.
  • BROOM HEAD IS AVAILABLE IN TWO DIFFERENT SIZES: These innovative brooms are perfect for spaces large and small. Our heavy duty broom is available with a 13 inch or 18 inch head. They’re great for cleaning small apartments, large apartment buildings, and any size space in between.
  • WE’LL LET YOU PUT IT TO GOOD USE FOR 30 DAYS: We’re so confident you’ll love our home cleaning supplies that we’ll let you put them to the test for 30 days. If this is not your new favorite floor cleaning broom, we’ll take it back for a full refund. No questions asked.

Details: Most push brooms are stiff and not designed for maximum convenience. Try sliding a standard broom under your refrigerator or your sofa. It’s nearly impossible. We figured brooms were due for a much needed upgrade, so that’s exactly what we did. The Candor Rotatable Push Broom is unlike anything you’ve used before. It makes sweeping any area, large or small, such a breeze. Once you start using this ingenious household broom, there’s no going back to your old. It comes equipped with a flexible rotating head. What does that mean for you? It means that cleaning in and around tight or small spaces will be a breeze. You won’t have to get on your hands and knees to sweep out dirt to the middle of the floors and then use a bring broom to clean it all up. Sweeping tasks will get done in half the time with a lot less effort. At full length, the handle measures 63 inches. It get be quickly shorten to whatever length is comfortable for you. You have the choice of a 13 inch or 18 inch broom head too. The 13 inch size is perfect for smaller spaces like apartments and the 18 inch for larger spaces like big homes and commercial buildings. Every order also includes a brush comb. After each use, you can use the comb to brush off all of the dirt, dust, and debris that accumulated in the bristles. Whenever you go to use your broom again it will look good as new.

UPC: 762535019413

Package Dimensions: 52x894x499

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