Chakra Candles with Crystals Inside- Healing Crystal Candle- Manifestation Candle with Crystals and Healing Stones – Meditation Candle for Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy and Color and Aromatherapy

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Home » Chakra Candles with Crystals Inside- Healing Crystal Candle- Manifestation Candle with Crystals and Healing Stones – Meditation Candle for Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy and Color and Aromatherapy
Product Description

Brand: Earth & Home

Color: Multi-colored Color-therapy


  • [ CHAKRA HEALING AROMATHERAPY CANDLE ] – They are specifically designed to unblock the chakras and bring balance to your life. Each soy candle is made with 7 vibrant colors and comes with carefully selected genuine healing stones with an aromatic scent infused with essential oils to help you achieve this goal
  • [ CLEAN BURNING AND AROMATHERAPY ] – Unlike other candles, our lavender candle is made of 100% pure soy wax which is a natural and healthy alternative. This means you will not not only get the beautiful smell of lavender, but also the benefits of aromatherapy.
  • [ COLOR THERAPY ] – Our gorgeous rainbow crystal candle encourages serenity and positive energy and is ideal for meditation and setting your intention ! Each of the 7 layers healing crystals represents a distinct chakra and provides color therapy, assisting you in maintaining spiritual health.
  • [ RELAX, REJUVENATE, AND REINVIGORATE! ] – Our beautiful chakra decor candles are perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or want to add a touch of magic to your next yoga session, these vibrant coloured candles are sure to please, relax, meditate, or simply unwind
  • [ BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY GIFT & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ]: Our candle with crystals inside will be a beautiful gift for anyone and for any occasion. Someone who is starting their journey of chakra balancing and spiritual healing will love our candle. Gift your loved ones with our healing candle this holiday season.

Details: Why our candle?  Earth & Home is proud to bring in the quality elements from our planet earth to your home and wellbeing. We’ve worked hard to ensure our chakra crystal candle lives up to your expectation and enhances your life in a positive way. What is Chakra? Chakras are energy vortexes that connect your physical body to your energy body. There are seven main chakras located in a line aligned with your spine. They correspond to the colors of the rainbow. Each chakra has specific goals in your energy body and you need to keep them balanced so that you can function at your full capacity.    Our Candle is inspired by these seven chakras: Crown – Spiritual Energy Center- Clear Quartz Third Eye – Intuitive Energy Center- Amethyst Throat – Communication Energy Center- Lapis Heart – Love Energy Center- Green Aventurine Solar Plexus – Emotional Energy Center- Citrine Sacral – Sexual Energy Center- Tiger Eye Root – Physical Energy Center- Red Jasper When you light our candle, it will infuse any room with a blissful scent and invokes a sensual experience aligned with the energy that resonates through each chakra. Feel the relaxation and rejuvenate your internal life energy with the color therapy and the aromatherapy of our candle. Candle Features: Clean burning of 60-70 hrs. Lavender Essential Oil Scent 4.1 oz of all-natural soy wax and hand poured Premium packaging for perfect gift  Reusable glass jar to store your crystals, sage   SAFETY WARNING: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep candle away from flammable materials, children and pets. Keep wick trimmed to 0.5cm.

Package Dimensions: 117x149x756

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