DND Metal Dice Set – Blood-Spattered Metal DND Dice Set D&D for Role Playing Games (RPG) – Chillingly Beautiful Polyhedral Metal Dice Set D&D – Dragon Dice D&D Dice Set, Dungeons and Dragons Dice

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Toy » DND Metal Dice Set – Blood-Spattered Metal DND Dice Set D&D for Role Playing Games (RPG) – Chillingly Beautiful Polyhedral Metal Dice Set D&D – Dragon Dice D&D Dice Set, Dungeons and Dragons Dice
Product Description

Brand: Soar Forge

Color: Dragon Silver Blood


  • 🩸 UNLIKE OTHER METAL DICE that may come scratched, don’t sit flat, use low-quality plating, or just roll too many Nat 1’s, the SOAR FORGE BLOOD SPLATTERED DICE are meticulously crafted with PERFECT BALANCE using sharp-edged, chrome-plated zinc-alloy. The INTRICATELY DETAILED scales are HAND POLISHED to remove fine lines and shine in the light like treasure.
  • 🩸 OUR LARGE AND INVUNERABLE solid density dnd dice metal makes rolling regular dice look like child’s play. Heavily weighted to feel authoritative and powerful in the hand, while still being perfectly balanced so that you can roll with absolute confidence. (D20: 28mm, 171g/full set).
  • 🩸 DRIVE YOUR ROLEPLAY UP A NOTCH and feel the sense of a real morbid DND campaign adventure with the beautiful yet chilling dragon scales drenched in the blood of your enemies. Put fear and envy into all who dare to oppose you.
  • 🩸 NO MORE SQUINTING or guessing what the numbers are with well-defined, high-contrasting numbers that are easy to discern at a glance so that you can keep the gameplay flowing with less pauses. Comes in a sleek metal box making it a perfect D&D gift for DM’s, dice goblins, and all gamers.
  • 🩸 OUR PROMISE: Soar Forge believes that you need dice you can trust. Reliable, well-balanced, and epic-grade companions that DELIVER FAIR ROLLS & CRITICAL HITS when your back is against the wall, with a matching style that’ll garner many a compliment at the table. If you’re not totally satisfied we’ll replace/refund them, no questions asked.

Details: *Not Your Average Dice Sets*Soar Forge Dnd Dice sets are uniquely designed with a focus on quality and helping to make RPG gameplay more immersive, the blood-splattered soar forge metal dnd dice set is made to the highest standard and their beautiful yet terrifying look will power up your heroes, put fear into your enemies (it may have been where the blood came from) and get compliments from friends.Exquisitely crafted using sturdy zinc metal alloy, the larger than standard-sized metal dice feel good in the hand and have a nice weight making them well balanced and with great rolling action. The numbers are also clear and sharp.The dice are carefully inspected to help ensure consistently high quality with all sets. However, if there are any issues with this metal polyhedral dice set, there is a Soar Forge Satisfaction Promise that means we will do everything we can to help fix them, including refunds or replacements.*Storage*After gaming, have peace of mind knowing that they will be kept safely protected in a stylish metal box with inner cushioning so they won’t be scratched or tarnished.*Attention points*Metal die are heavy. We recommend using a dice tray or rolling mat to protect the die and the surface you’re rolling on.*Usage*They can be used for many RPG adventures like DnD, MTG, and more and are the perfect gift for any avid gamer.Take your gaming up a notch and create lasting memories with family and friends with these unique blood splattered die.

UPC: 850045208516

Package Dimensions: 37x146x240

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