Dragon Healer #4 (Beasts of Olympus)

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Product Description

Author: Coats Lucy

Brand: Grosset & Dunlap

Color: Multicolor

Edition: Illustrated

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 144

Details: Product Description

Demon’s abilities are put to the test!

Beasts of Olympus is a series of illustrated chapter books set in a magical Ancient Greece where strange things still walk the Earth. In the fourth book, Demon must heal Ares’s smelly dragon in time for battle. Can he heal this sick beast before Olympus chokes on the stink?

About the Author

Lucy Coats ( studied English and Ancient History at Edinburgh University, then worked in children’s publishing and now writes full-time. Her twelve-book series, Greek Beasts and Heroes, was published by Orion in the UK. You can follow her on Twitter @lucycoats.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Demon, son of the beast god, Pan, and proud new bearer of King Poseidon’s Order of Ocean, shot up and out of the clear green waters of Melanie’s spring.
“Urgh! Aggh! Pftha!” he spluttered, shaking his head wildly to get the liquid out of his ears as his lungs adjusted to the warm, sunny air of Olympus. He took a deep, clean-smelling breath and let out a sigh of relief. The air smelled of fragrant flowers and honey, just like it was supposed to. There was not a trace of stinky beast-poo odor, which meant that hopefully he wouldn’t be turned into a pile of smoking Demon-shaped charcoal by a crowd of annoyed goddesses. Not today, anyway.
Melanie the naiad, who was sitting on a mossy rock and combing her long blue hair, gave him a nasty look as he struggled out onto dry land, dripping, and trailing his magic silver medicine box behind him. It was covered in great globs of slimy silver seaweed.
“Finished messing up my nice clean spring with that horrid sea stuff, have you?” she snarled angrily.
Demon picked a couple of flapping flatfish out of his tunic and threw them back into the water.
“Yes,” he said, wondering why she sounded like a crazed Chimera. Melanie was normally nice to him. “I’m all finished, actually. Er, is anything wrong? You seem a little upset.” Melanie frowned and waved a hand toward the Stables of the Gods.
“Well, of course there’s something wrong. You’ve got to go and do something about those noisy beasts of yours, Demon. They’ve been bellowing and bawling ever since Hermes brought that nasty boy Autolykos up here. It’s no wonder I’m upset. I haven’t had a wink of sleep all week.” She yawned loudly, showing two perfect rows of pearly white teeth. As his ears finally popped back to normal, Demon heard a terrible racket coming from the Stables of the Gods. Now he knew exactly what Melanie meant. Without another word, he picked up his box and ran. What on earth was happening in there? It sounded as if every single beast was rioting and rumpusing out of control!
Inside the Stables, it was complete chaos. Almost every pen had a baaing, neighing, screeching, shrieking beast leaping up and down. A tall, dark-haired boy whirled around and around in the middle of the center aisle, waving a broom and banging on the bars.
“Leave me alone,” he shouted. “Shut UP, you awful, noisy creatures!”
Demon dumped the silver box on the floor, pulled out his father’s magical pipes, and blew a short, sharp blast. Immediately, there was silence.
“Who are YOU?” asked the boy, dropping his broom in mid-bang. “And how did you do that?”
“I’m Demon,” said Demon. “Son of Pan and official stable boy to the gods. And you must be Autolykos. What in the name of Hades’s handkerchiefs have you done to the poor things to make them act out like this?”
“Nothing,” said Autolykos sulkily. “I’ve fed and cleaned the stupid creatures. What more do they want?”
“Huh!” said the griffin loudly to Demon, clacking its sharp beak against the bars of its pen. “‘Nothing,’ he says, the lousy, lying thief! He’s only gone and stolen half the feathers from the winged horses’ wings so they can’t fly, AND he’s upset Doris, AND he’s dumped half the ambrosia cake down the poo chute!”
“Yes!” chorused the rest of the beasts. “He did!”
“Rotten robber!”
“Snackie stealer!”
“Feather pinch

Release Date: 15-09-2015

Package Dimensions: 10x193x136

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