Frequent Filter – Honeywell Compatible HAC504 Honeywell Humidifier Replacement Filters, Filter A. Fits HCM350 HCM-350 Blue Filters. (Pack of 4)

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Home » Frequent Filter – Honeywell Compatible HAC504 Honeywell Humidifier Replacement Filters, Filter A. Fits HCM350 HCM-350 Blue Filters. (Pack of 4)
Product Description

Brand: Frequent Filter


  • Product contains a four pack of premium 2022 upgraded Blue Honeywell Blue Humidifier Filters for Filter A, HAC-504, HAC-504AW, and HAC504V1. The best wicking filters for Honeywell humidifiers.
  • We manufacture our filters by utilizing a special interweaving locking pattern in order to keep the filter rigid and upright, even when soaking wet. Our competitors don’t do this and use cheaper manufacturing methods that leads to worse performance.
  • Designed to fit the following Honeywell Humidifier Models: HCM350W, HCM-350, HCM350, HCM-350B, HCM350B, HCM-350W, HCM-350B-CST, HCM-300, HCM300, HCM-300T, HCM300T, HCM-305T, HCM305T, HCM-310T, HCM310T, HCM-315T, HCM315T, HCM305BCST, HCM-450B-CST, HCM450BCST, HCM-500, HCM500, HCM-530, HCM530, HCM-535, HCM353, HCM-535-20, HCM53520, HCM-540, HCM540, HCM-550, HCM550, HCM-550-19, HCM55019, HCM-551, HCM551, HCM-560, HCM560, HCM-600, HCM600, HCM-630, HCM630, HCM-631, HCM631
  • Our filters are treated to increase filter length but the exact time to replace the filter will vary based on your water and air quality. To increase filter length: use cold distilled water, flip daily, and soak in white vinegar. If you have hard water, the filter be stained yellow.
  • We are a USA based company and we know we sell the highest quality and best humidifier filters on Amazon. We stand by our products with an unmatched 5 year replacement warranty and full satisfaction guarantee!

Details: Perfect Replacement for Honeywell HAC-504, HAC-504AW & HAC-501V1 Filters
Upgraded for 2022 to a new blue pre-filter to catch large particles and add a bit of structural rigidity to make the filter stand more upright. These filters are compatible with the below Honeywell humidifier models:
HCM-300 Series: HCM-300T, HCM-305T, HCM-310T, HCM-315T, HCM-350, HCM-350B, & HCM-450BCST
HCM-500 Series: HCM-530, HCM-535, HCM-535-20, HCM-540, HCM-550, HCM-550-19, HCM-551, & HCM-560 HCM-600 Series: HCM-630, HCM-631, HCM-632, HCM-632TG, HCM-635, HCM-640BW, HCM-645, HCM-646, & HCM-650
HCM-700 Series: HCM-710
HCM-1000 Series: HCM-1000, HCM-1000C, & HCM-1010
HCM-2000 Series: HCM-2000C, HCM-2001, HCM-2002, HCM-2020, HCM-2050, HCM-2051, HCM2052, HEV-312, & HEV-355
Enviracaire Series: ECM-250i
Package Contents
Upgraded Blue Pre-Filter Humidifier filters compatible with Honeywell HAC-504AW and HAC-504V1
Rest Assured with Frequent Filter’s Manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee
If you are ever unsatisfied with the performance of our humidifier filters, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.
Works great to replace in old Honey well Humidifiers for bedroom. It is also compatible with Protec HAC504v1. Will work with model HCM 350w and other vaporizer models. Our filter is optimized to increase moisture output .

UPC: 850001768139

Package Dimensions: 150x231x399

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