Glaciart One Felt Pom Poms, Wool Balls (80 Pcs) 4 Sizes: 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm & 2.5 cm, Handmade Felted 20 Color (Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, Pastel & More),Bulk Small Puff for Felting & Garland

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Home » Glaciart One Felt Pom Poms, Wool Balls (80 Pcs) 4 Sizes: 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm & 2.5 cm, Handmade Felted 20 Color (Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, White, Pastel & More),Bulk Small Puff for Felting & Garland
Product Description

Brand: Glaciart One

Color: Blue,Purple,White


  • 4 SIZES HANDMADE FELT WOOL BALLS: These cute felt wool balls are handmade in Nepal with a careful touch that creates uniform poms in the 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 2.5cm range (around 0.4”, 0.6”, 0.8” and 1”); Customers say these craft felt balls are easy to use and hold up to gluing or punching with large holes, so you can enjoy felting projects that not only look great but stay together
  • 20 COLOR CRAFT ASSORTMENT: With Glaciart One what you see is what you get, so unlike cheap options, you get the 20 colors shown in the pictures for a rainbow of rich colors including red, pink, blue, purple, black and more; now you can let your imagination run wild to make brightly colored flowers, craft gorgeous holiday garlands and beautiful baby mobiles
  • 80 NEEDLE FELTING READY POMS: Crafters say the soft texture on these felt pom poms lets your needle travel easily making them great for core needle felting while being firm enough to keep from unraveling (like cheaper options do); and with 80 pieces you can enjoy near endless combinations for your next needle felting project
  • 100% WOOL FELT POM POMS: These craft felt balls are made of 100% New Zealand wool (no fillers) making them super-easy to work with; Plus, Glaciart One uses ethical fair trade practices, so you can feel good that your wool is cruelty-free, and that you’re giving fair wages to hard-working farmers
  • ESSENTIAL OIL READY: The rich combination of natural wools along with AZO-free dyes make these felt balls a great essential oil diffuser, simply drop some of your favorite oils and enjoy colors that don’t bleed, with wool balls that clean up fast in soap and water, so you can easily swap oils after each use

Details: Crafters say that Glaciart One Felt Pom Poms are easy to work with, and they like how these kits arrive with exactly what is shown in the pictures.
Your felt pom poms arrive with 20 rich colors (as shown). So you get a full 80-piece rainbow assortment of felt balls to choose from, including:
– red felt balls
– pink felt balls
– blue felt balls
– orange felt balls
– yellow felt balls
-pastel felt balls
– white felt balls
– grey felt balls
– green felt balls
– black felt balls
Let your creativity run wild to create anything from bright colorful baby mobiles to richly ornamented garlands.
Plus, each felt ball is colored using rich AZO-free and hypoallergenic dies that won’t fade or bleed, making them a favorite for use as essential oil diffusers.
Glaciart One felted balls are handmade in Nepal by families that have been creating the world’s best felt for generations. This means that each ball is uniformly sized within the 0.8-1.3cm range (around 0.4 inch), 1.3-1.7cm range (around 0.6 inch), 1.8-2.3cm range (around 0.8 inch) and 2-3 cm range (around 1 inch). So you won’t have a useless bag of odd sizes left over.
Crafters also report that the texture of these felt wool balls lets their needle travel easily, and yet they are firm enough to stand up to large holes or working with glue, giving you the peace of mind that your hard work won’t unravel.
As you check out the pictures you’ll also notice the soft texture of these felt pom poms. These felt wool balls use 100% New Zealand wool that is ethically sourced by fair trade practices.
So, open your own bag of felt wool craft balls and feel good knowing that while you are using the highest quality handmade felt wool balls available, you’re also providing fair wages to hard-working farms and families.

Package Dimensions: 57x134x91

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