HOME DEPT Espresso knock box large and coffee grounds container. Stainless steel espresso machine accessories. Shock-absorbent knock bar with silicone cover for easy coffee ground disposal.

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market Β» Catalog and Departments Β» Kitchen Β» HOME DEPT Espresso knock box large and coffee grounds container. Stainless steel espresso machine accessories. Shock-absorbent knock bar with silicone cover for easy coffee ground disposal.
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Color: Silver


  • π—Ÿπ—”π—₯π—šπ—˜ π—–π—’π—™π—™π—˜π—˜ π—žπ—‘π—’π—–π—ž 𝗕𝗒𝗫 impresses with its high quality stainless steel and silicone. It is larger than usual knock boxes and can take up to 15-20 portafilter grounds without having to empty it all the time. One of the most useful coffee accessories for your espresso coffee.
  • 𝗑𝗒𝗑 π—¦π—Ÿπ—œπ—£ & π—˜π—”π—¦π—¬ π—–π—Ÿπ—˜π—”π—‘π—œπ—‘π—š: The bottom of the coffee grounds container is not slipping or scratching your kitchen counter. The whole coffee waste bin can be easily taken apart and cleaned under water or the dishwasher, making your coffee container really user-friendly.
  • π—£π—˜π—₯π—™π—˜π—–π—§ π—˜π—¦π—£π—₯π—˜π—¦π—¦π—’ π—”π—–π—–π—˜π—¦π—¦π—’π—₯𝗬 for your kitchen or bar. Just bang out your coffee pucks in this bucket. The stainless steel knock box is a real eye-catcher and a must-have for every coffee lover and barista. An espresso knock box that could be one of the coffee accessories for home or a useful knock box tool.
  • π—¨π—Ÿπ—§π—₯𝗔 𝗗𝗨π—₯π—”π—•π—Ÿπ—˜: We use high quality stainless steel and silicone (no plastic) that no matter how hard you knock, this coffee container will serve its purpose. The perfect espresso grounds knock box for your home. Get it now and enjoy thousand of coffees with this perfect coffee accessory.
  • π——π—¨π—”π—Ÿ π—¨π—¦π—˜: Use the Knock Box as a stand to press the espresso with your tamper or to dispose the used coffee pucks. For home and commercial use. Perfect as an espresso machine accesory, a practical tool for your coffee making process.

Details: Ever wanted to feel like a real barista and spoil your guests with amazing coffee?
As coffee enthusiast there is more to it than just a filter coffee from an ordinary coffee machine.
We love the whole process of creating the perfect coffee.
Grinding beans, filling the portafilter with fresh coffee grounds, tamper it with just the right pressure and enjoying the smell of brewing coffee while it slowly pours into your cup.

But what about your coffee ground disposal?
There is no need of making coffee stains all over your kitchen while trying to reach the trash can.

The HOME DEPT Knock Box is the perfect espresso accessory. Just place it next to your espresso machine and dispose the used coffee grounds with 1-2 knocks into your new espresso disposal bucket.

Your coffee knockbox advantages:
LARGE ESPRESSO KNOCK BOX: With its large dimensions of 6.6 by 7.3 inches and 2.3 pounds of weight, it stands firm and indestructible and is a real eye catcher. It easily takes up to 15-20 portafilters. No more coffee stains from dripping all over your counter.
GET YOUR KITCHEN PLASTIC FREE: Why use a plastic knock box when you can have a stylish high quality stainless steel knock box? It not only looks better next to your coffee machine but is also more durable and will last you a long time.
DUAL USE: You can not only use your knock box as espresso grounds disposal but also as a stand to tamper your espresso into your portafilter. Super easy and convenient while looking like a real pro.
EASY TO CLEAN: Almost forgot to mention the best part. The knock box can be taken apart easily and is dishwasher-proof. Yay!

Get your modern stainless steel knock box today!

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Package Dimensions: 152x279x907

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