Hoover Hives 10 Frame Langstroth Deep Brood Box Dipped in 100% Beeswax Includes Wooden Frames & Waxed Foundations (Assembled)

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Outdoors » Hoover Hives 10 Frame Langstroth Deep Brood Box Dipped in 100% Beeswax Includes Wooden Frames & Waxed Foundations (Assembled)
Product Description

Brand: Hoover Hives


  • [Heavy Wax Coating] – Skip the hassle of having to paint the bee boxes yourself! Every Hoover Hives deep brood box has a thick coating of 100% natural beeswax.
  • [Superior Craftmanship] – Every bee box is detailed with dovetail joints that provides a tight fit for years to come. The beeswax spreads to fill every nook and cranny as the joints press together.
  • [Made Using Fir Wood] – The Fir wood’s grain flow used in Hoover Hives beekeeping supplies naturally prevents warping, twisting, shrinking, and expanding much better than the grain flow of Pine wood.
  • [Brood Boxes] – A deep hive body is 3″ longer than a super. It has larger frames that help queens lay eggs faster. A queen will spend less time looking for her next frame and more time laying eggs.
  • [Standard Dimensions] – Hoover Hives beehive parts will fit on any Langstroth beehive that has been cut to the industry standard dimensions. For details & measurements, see product description below.

Details: Kit Includes:
1 Deep Brood Box (100% Wax-Coated)(16-1/4″ x 19-7/8″ x 9-5/8″)
10 Deep Brood Langstroth Wood Frames Made of New Zealand Pine (1-3/8″ x 19″ x 9-1/8″)
10 Black Textured CellTech Foundations Made of Food Grade Plastic (100% Wax-Coated)(3/16″ x 16-3/4″ x 8-1/2″)
Assembly Required Unless Otherwise Specified

What to Expect
Hoover Hives are known for their beautiful and skillfully crafted beehives. Every exterior hive part that may encounter rain or snow has been built with Fir wood and has been coated in 100% natural beeswax to help weather the elements. Once we’ve cut the wood, we dip each part into a pool of natural beeswax. We allow the beeswax to be soaked into the hive parts. This not only protects the wood, but is also what gives our hives their natural golden honey lustrous allure. The delicate details of our durable dovetails were designed to hold together for years to come and create a joint that will stay perfectly square.

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