I Wish I Had a Wookiee: And Other Poems for Our Galaxy

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Product Description

Author: Doescher Ian

Color: Multicolor

Number Of Pages: 128

Details: Product Description

Inspired by the beloved world of Star Wars, this collection of over 75 whimsical and original poems is a celebration of childhood, creativity, imagination, and the early years of Star Wars fandom.

In “My Pet AT-AT,” a ten-year-old dreams of playing hide and seek and fetch with an AT-AT. In “Dad’s Luke Skywalker Figurine,” a child opens their dad’s untouched action figure but, instead of getting into trouble, helps their dad re-discover his own sense of play. In “T-16 Dreams,” a little girl imagines herself flying through the galaxy, the Empire hot on her trail, to help with her real-world fear of flying.

Set in the hearts and minds of young children who love Star Wars, and filled with the characters you know and love, I Wish I Had a Wookiee is the perfect gift for the young Star Wars fan—and the young at heart.


“Delightful.”—Under the Radar

“A fun book for kids…filled with 75 whimsical, original and kid-friendly poems.”—Portland Tribune

“You can tell from the writing that this book was a labor of love. It is as much a love letter to Star Wars as it is to children and parents. The poems are fanciful and fun. They really beg to be shared and read with others.”—Neatorama

“This book of poems inspires children to use their imagination more.”—Bear Essential News, Young Reporter review

About the Author

Ian Doescher is the New York Times best-selling author of William Shakespeare’s Star Wars® series, the Pop Shakespeare series, and MacTrump. He has written for Marvel Comics and is a contributing author to the story collection Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his family. Visit him at

Tim Budgen is an illustrator and art teacher who can usually be found with a pencil in one hand and a sketchbook in the other. He has worked on many children’s books for such clients as Scholastic, Hachette Children’s, and Highlights magazine. He lives by the sea on Hayling Island, England, with his wife Julia and their pets Baxter and Alfie.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away . . .
“Long time ago,” but when?
“Far, far away,” but where?
Can we go back to then?
Can we please travel there?

I Wish I Had a Wookiee
I wish I had a Wookiee,
To keep the monsters out.
If nightmares came to get me,
You’d hear Chewbacca shout.
If I were sad or frightened,
He’d come and comfort me.
A Wookiee is a kid’s best friend—
At least, they ought to be.

My Pet AT-AT
Oh, if I could just get an AT-AT for a pet,
I would love him so much I would scream.
We’d take long, happy walks ’round the neighborhood blocks—
It would be every ten-year-old’s dream!
We would play hide-and-seek, and so softly I’d sneak
To his cargo hold, soft as a mouse,
And our cats would run fast when they hear his big blast,
Though my mom would say, “Not in the house!”
He’d be loyal and true and be potty-trained, too,
And he’d lick me if I lost a limb.
We would cuddle at night, both wrapped up, snug and tight,
In the hangar that I’d build for him.
He would come when I call and he’d go fetch a ball,
And he’d stomp when the mailman walks by.
Oh, I’d love my sweet pet—very best AT-AT yet!—
More than all of the stars in the sky.

Release Date: 28-09-2021

Package Dimensions: 18x228x522

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