Mens Travel Shaver Razor With Case Mens Beard Shaping Tool Mustache Beards Trimmer Straight Edgers Shave Home Goatee Shaper | Straight Mustaches Edger Angles Disposable Razors Stainless Steel Blade Straightener

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Beauty » Mens Travel Shaver Razor With Case Mens Beard Shaping Tool Mustache Beards Trimmer Straight Edgers Shave Home Goatee Shaper | Straight Mustaches Edger Angles Disposable Razors Stainless Steel Blade Straightener
Product Description

Brand: Vertex

Color: Blue


  • EXPERT BEARD SHAPER: Achieve professional barber straight hairline and clean mustache angles at home with our beard trimmer. These reusable men razors are made with straight blades to provide low resistance and detailed shaving for your facial hairs & Hairline Straightener. Perfect MUSTACHE ANGLES
  • GENTLE ON SKIN: Vertex Beauty beard trimmer is hypoallergenic which is safe for sensitive skin. Its blade is designed to ensure safe usage at all times. Keep a steady motion with little pressure for a gentler shaving experience with this trimming tool.
  • EXFOLIATE THE SKIN: Our facial razor has micro thin diamond-cut stainless steel Japanese blades that gently exfoliate dead skin layer when shaving for naturally glowing skin. You won’t get any facial cuts or nicks when you use this trimmer for men which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.
  • EASY TO USE RAZORS: The blade length of these razors for men gives you that single line you want to achieve. It has ergonomic handle that allows for a non-slip grip and enhanced control for all types of facial contours and side burn shaping. Scrapes the peach fuzz and unruly hair downward for a smoother face.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: It’s now easy to clean up irritating stray facial hair and shape scruffy beard angles during trips with our portable shaver. You can bring it with you anytime and anytime to shape or clean up your mustache or brows because the trimming tool fits in any pouch and bag. Plus, one set has which is truly convenient for you.

Details: We all know how difficult it is to:
1. Achieve Straight Bread Lines. You Just CANNOT that with normal razors.
2. Symmetrical Angled Mustache on each side.
3. Precision Facial Hair Contouring AT HOME.
Star Razor is the #1 Solution to your problems ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Shaping Beard Lines ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mustache Angles, Perfect Brow Shapes, Nothing on the market as easy as like our Lightweight AAA+ Razor for AT HOME USE. The perfect touch-up tool for barber-quality finishes. Remove crazy loose hair with exacting precision. Save money on barber visits and maintain meticulously detailed facial hair edges.
These Razors are uniquely designed with the following keys features:
💈 AAA+ DIAMOND CUT BLADES 💎- For low-resistance and effortlessly Beard Shaping. Achieve symmetrically straight beard and mustache angled lines.

💈 PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN 👍- The highest quality stainless steel edges allows for gentle exfoliating of that little extra layer of dead skin for that fresh clean look.

💈 ERGONOMIC HANDLES 👍- For the best control and grip stability. Designed for durability.

💈 ENGINEERED RAZOR HEADS & POINTED TIPS 👍- For lightweight maneuverability in detailed corners and easily defining beard lines. The Razor Length WILL Match Your Mustache length PERFECTLY.

💈 BEST RAZOR FOR TRAVEL✈️-TSA approved, Easy to pack, Inexpensive & Easy to replace. Great razor for clean ups during vacation & work trips.
The Star Shaping & Facial Grooming Razor is PERFECT for touch ups in between barber visits. We GUARANTEE you will save that extra $$$$ .
Designed for advanced low-resistance and effortlessly shaping. The razor is VERY SHARP, please use GENTLE pressure on facial skin.
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💈 Straight Beard Lines 💈 Perfect Mustache Angles💈 #1 Travel Shaping Razor 💈

UPC: 850023151186

Package Dimensions: 13x178x30

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