NinjaBatt Battery for HP 593553-001 636631-001 MU06 MU09 593554-001, HP Pavilion dm4 g4 g6 g7 DV3-4000 DV5-2000 DV6-3000 DV7-6000, HP Compaq Presario CQ42 CQ56 CQ57 CQ62 – High Performance (9-Cells)

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Personal Computer » NinjaBatt Battery for HP 593553-001 636631-001 MU06 MU09 593554-001, HP Pavilion dm4 g4 g6 g7 DV3-4000 DV5-2000 DV6-3000 DV7-6000, HP Compaq Presario CQ42 CQ56 CQ57 CQ62 – High Performance (9-Cells)
Product Description

Brand: NinjaBatt


  • PREMIUM QUALITY REPLACEMENT NOTEBOOK BATTERY: Bring your laptop back to life with Ninjabatt’s high quality laptop battery – Made of high quality materials, top grade battery cells and packed with safety features.
  • TRUE CHARGING CAPACITY THAT LASTS: Every one of our replacement notebook batteries are tested to meet OEM specifications. Our 9 cells Li-ion battery is rated at 71wH/6600mAh/10.8V – true charge capacity that won’t let you or your laptop down.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Don’t fall into buying cheap and unsafe batteries, our HP batteries are certified for safety and packed with a variety of safety features, including short circuit, overheat, and overload protections
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS & 12 MONTH WARRANTY: Our spare laptop batteries are assembled from top quality material and circuit boards to ensure durability and performance. We only use grade A battery cells that provide up to 500 charging cycles. We’re so confident in the performance of our replacement laptop batteries that we’re including a 12-month warranty with every single purchase.
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS: Compaq 1000 | 2000 | 430 | 431 | 435 | 450 | 455 | 436 | 630 | 631 | 635 | 650 | 655 Envy 17 Series | 17-1000 | 17-1200 | 17-2000 | 17-2100 | 17-2200 | 17-3000 | 17-3200 | 17T Pavilion DM4 | DM4-1000 | DM4-2000 | DM4-3000 | DM4T | DV3-4000 | DV3-4100 | DV3-4200 | DV3-4300 | DV4-4000 | DV4-4100 | DV4-4200 | DV4T-4000 | DV5-2000 | DV5-3000 | DV5T-2000 Presario CQ32 | CQ42 | CQ43 | CQ52 | CQ62

Details: COMPATIBLE HP LAPTOP MODELS BATTERIES: CQ42-121la CQ43-170LA CQ43-172LA CQ43-173LA CQ43-210la CQ43-410la CQ56-102la CQ56-103la CQ56-106la CQ56-115DX CQ56-204la CQ56-219wm CQ57-229wm CQ57-339wm CQ62-209WM CQ62-215DX dm4-1000 dm4-1055br dm4-1065dx dm4-1075br dm4-1160us dm4-1165dx dm4-1265dx dm4-1280la dm4-1290la dm4-2000 dm4-2015dx dm4-2055br dm4-2070us dm4-2095br dm4-2095la dm4-2165dx dm4-3000 dm4-3050us dm4-3055dx dm4-3099la dm4-3099se dv4-4000 dv5-2000 dv6-3000 dv6-3025dx dv6-3040br dv6-3040er dv6-3056er dv6-3057er dv6-3065er dv6-3070er dv6-3077la dv6-3080er dv6-3101er dv6-3102er dv6-3105er dv6-3106er dv6-3108er dv6-3110er dv6-3111er dv6-3120us dv6-3125er dv6-3141sl dv6-3150el dv6-3152sl dv6-3171sr dv6-3187la dv6-3210us dv6-3225dx dv6-3240br dv6-3305er dv6-6000 dv6-6029er dv6-6029sr dv6-6030er dv6-6030ew dv6-6031er dv6-6047cl dv6-6051er dv6-6077er dv6-6100 dv6-6101er dv6-6103er dv6-6115st dv6-6117dx dv6-6135dx dv6-6140us dv6-6145dx dv6-6150br dv6-6150ew dv6-6150sl dv6-6152er dv6-6153sr dv6-6159er dv6-6166la dv6-6167la dv6-6169er dv6-6169sl dv6-6170br dv6-6170sl dv6-6173cl dv6-6174la dv6-6178sl dv6-6179er dv6-6185la dv6-6b01er dv6-6b01sr dv6-6b02er dv6-6b03er dv6-6b06er dv6-6b10er dv6-6b15ew dv6-6b47dx dv6-6b53er dv6-6b54er dv6-6b55eg dv6-6b55er dv6-6b56er dv6-6b57er dv6-6b65er dv6-6b66ew dv6-6c00 dv6-6c04er dv6-6c04et dv6-6c04st dv6-6c10us dv6-6c14tx dv6-6c32er dv6-6c33er dv6-6c35dx dv6-6c47cl dv6-6c50us dv6-6c51er dv6-6c53cl dv6-6c53er dv6-6c60la dv6-6c70br dv6-6c75la dv6-6c80el dv6-6c80la dv6-6c85la dv6t-3000 dv6t-3100 dv7-1448dx dv7-4000 dv7-4045er dv7-4065dx dv7-4069wm dv7-4070er dv7-4087cl dv7-4100er dv7-4165dx dv7-4177nr dv7-4263cl dv7-4285dx dv7-4295us dv7-5000 dv7-6000 dv7-6030ew dv7-6053er dv7-6100 dv7-6130ew dv7-6135dx dv7-6140ew dv7-6143cl dv7-6152er dv7-6153er dv7-6163cl dv7-6163us dv7-6180sl dv7-6187cl dv7-6195us dv7-6199us dv7-6b00 dv7-6b03er dv7-6b30ew dv7-6b32us dv7-6b54er dv7-6b55dx dv7-6b63us dv7-6b77dx dv7-6c90us dv7-6c95dx dv7-7000 dv7t-4100

UPC: 811108023309

Package Dimensions: 63x253x581

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