SHIELDPRO Silica Gel Desiccant 10 Gram – No Shelf-Life – Foil-Packed Moisture Absorbers Dehumidifiers (100)

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Product Description


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  • MULTIPLE USES, MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS: Prevents condensation, humidity, moisture for food storage; gun and ammunition containers/safes; tool boxes/beds; computer and camera cases; gym bags and make-up kits; books and important documents; stamps, comics, baseball cards; and much more.
  • FAST ACTING, LONG LASTING: Silica Gel absorbs almost 40% of its weight (15% in the first two hours of use), and works better (and longer) than clay, calcium sulfate and molecular sieve desiccants.
  • SUPERIOR PACKAGING = SUPERIOR PRODUCT: Unlike our competitors who package their desiccant in clear and unreliable plastic packaging, our Silica Gel is sealed and shipped to you in our air, light and moisture-proof ziplock aluminum foil bags, ensuring your desiccant will be as fresh and effective as the day it was manufactured. Our soft cotton packets also have a better absorption rate than Tyvek or paper products!
  • FOOD GRADE: Our premium quality silica gel and packaging is manufactured without harmful cobalt chloride.
  • REACTIVATION: Our silica gel packets can be reactivated by heating in a 250 F oven for 2 hours, ensuring they can be used over and over!

Details: Contains:
• Genuine 10-Gram Foil-Protected Silica Gel Packets
• High Absorption Soft Cotton Packets
• ShieldPro Diamond Guarantee – Love it or return it, no questions asked
• Access to our experienced packaging professionals – let us know what we can do to help you design the perfect packaging solution
Designing Perfect Protection®

Our cotton-wrapped, foil packed desiccant are unique among the myriad of desiccant products available. How so? All desiccant in plastic packaging on Amazon leach moisture at a high rate. Most have a shelf-life of 3-6 months, much of which is often spent in Amazon’s warehouses, so you never really know if you are getting fresh, active desiccant. Our desiccant is different. We use best-in-class Mylar Aluminum Foil packaging that leaches moisture at a rate up to 1000 times less than our competitors. Yes, standard plastic packaging lets that much moisture through. In one day, most desiccant packaging lets in as much moisture as our foil-packed desiccant do in a year. Does our product packaging cost a bit more more? Yes, it does, but because we produce millions of units annually, our costs are still lower and we can offer superior products at the same or lower price. And you’ll save more money by knowing your product is good whether you open it tomorrow or a decade from now.

ShieldPro has been manufacturing packaging and desiccant for customers worldwide for almost a decade. We’re different in that we have worked with thousands of customers, designing best-in-class solutions for users as diverse as Los Alamos National Labs, dozens of university research labs, and hundreds of industrial customers.
ShieldPro Diamond Guarantee
No questions asked return policy.

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Package Dimensions: 91x226x1059

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