TeraGanix Organko Odor Free Compost Bin, Indoor Compost Starter Kit w/ 1 Lb Bokashi Bran, Countertop Kitchen Compost Bin, Airtight Seal, Spigot, Dishwasher Safe (Ocean)

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Lawn & Patio » TeraGanix Organko Odor Free Compost Bin, Indoor Compost Starter Kit w/ 1 Lb Bokashi Bran, Countertop Kitchen Compost Bin, Airtight Seal, Spigot, Dishwasher Safe (Ocean)
Product Description

Brand: TeraGanix

Color: Ocean


  • ♻️ ODOR FREE COMPOST BIN: Simple and Easy to use Bokashi Composting System. More than just another countertop composting bin! With Bokashi, you can compost all types of food scraps from orange peels to eggs shells, meat bones to potato skins. Creating nutrient dense compost for your garden, worm composter, even add to your outdoor compost bin as a compost accelerator!
  • ♻️ ECO FRIENDLY DESIGN: The Bokashi Organko Ocean is made of 96% recycled materials, at least 30% of which is recycled fishing nets. This exquisitely designed countertop composter compliments any kitchen interior! Having an indoor compost bin keeps everything handy and reduces your trash and excessive trips to outdoor composting bins.
  • 🌻 HOW TO USE: Gather your food waste in the Bokashi bucket. Sprinkle Bokashi compost starter over each layer of waste and tamp down using included presser to remove air pockets. When the compost bucket is full, seal tightly and let sit to ferment for 2 weeks. Then add the bucket’s composted contents to an existing garden bed, any soil that needs amending or bury compost in the ground and cover with 4-8 inches of soil. After a few weeks, you’ll have the best soil probiotics to plant with.
  • 🌻 ODORLESS INDOOR COMPOST BIN: Because of the odor controlling beneficial microbes in the Bokashi Bran Inoculant, your food waste ferments without bad smells or bothersome flies. The recycled plastic countertop compost bin with lid creates an airtight seal for the fermentation process, breaking down food scraps in half the time of a conventional compost tumbler.
  • 🌻 LIQUID FERTILIZER ON TAP: Our compost container comes with a internal container to help collect liquid on the bottom, and a spigot to easily drain the compost tea. Mix this powerful organic fertilizer with water to spray on plants or for use in regular watering. The undiluted liquid contains powerful enzymes and microbes that can also be used to naturally break down detergent, toilet paper, and grease buildup in drains.

Details: “What is Bokashi? Bokashi uses an anerobic fermentation process rather than decomposition to break down food waste. We use EM1 in the fermentation process because it is teaming with live microbes, enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins that help other beneficial life grow. This method allows you to efficiently compost scraps into nutrient-rich humus for your vegetable crops or flower garden, in far less time than standard compost systems and with no offensive odors. The simple method we have designed is easy to understand and use, even elementary school children use this method in their schools! By adding the Bokashi bran to the compost bucket for kitchen scraps, the organic microbes naturally accelerate the decomposition of your food waste in half the time of traditional composting. Use TeraGanix Bokashi Organiko Composter with all types of food scraps, even cheese, meat, oil and bones! Our compost accelerator breaks down food waste to release valuable nutrients that are highly beneficial to plants when composted. When chopped into 1” pieces, food will compost quicker than larger pieces. Perfect for your garden! Bury completed compost directly in your garden as an organic fertilizer. Bury at least 4″ deep and let it breakdown for 2 weeks before planting. Also great to use with an indoor compost bin, worm compost bin, outdoor compost bin, compost tumbler, or any other composter of your choice! Complete Bokashi Composting Kit Includes: TeraGanix Bokashi Organiko Composter One 2 lb Bag of TeraKashi Bokashi Fertilizer made with certified organic rice bran and EM-X Ceramics for better fermentation. Scoop for Bokashi Bran”

UPC: 857970000512

Package Dimensions: 249x358x3379

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