The Authorpreneur Blueprint: The Step By Step Guide To Using The Power Of Your Knowledge And Expertise To Build A Profitable Business And A Thriving Community Through Books And Self Publishing

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Book » The Authorpreneur Blueprint: The Step By Step Guide To Using The Power Of Your Knowledge And Expertise To Build A Profitable Business And A Thriving Community Through Books And Self Publishing
Product Description

Author: Green Chris

Number Of Pages: 458

Details: If you picked up this book expecting some kind of fast track to easy money, just go ahead and put this 450+ page book down right now.
But if you’re ready to learn about an amazing business model that combines all of the BEST parts of entrepreneurship (helping people, solving problems, and making money) without all of the headaches (buying inventory and shipping orders) then you’re in the right place at the right time.

The Authorpreneur Blueprint is an ONLINE COURSE offered as a printed book. This 450+ page book/course contains thirty-two chapters spread out over three sections and provides exclusive members-only access to 43 videos (7-1/2 hours) of private HD video training.

If you want to make money online, you need to SELL SOMETHING. You could sell physical products, digital products, print-on-demand products, or even information products.

Or you can become an AUTHORPRENEUR and use Amazon’s self-publishing platform, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to sell your KNOWLEDGE through print-on-demand books to customers all over the world.

All without ever spending a dollar on inventory or shipping a single package.

Some businesses require upfront capital for inventory. Authorpreneurship does not.
Some businesses require you to ship orders every day. Authorpreneurship does not.
Some businesses require daily customer service commitments. Authorpreneurship does not.

Passive income is REAL but only if you spend the time to create a valuable asset like an online course or a book that can be sold over and over again. The Authorpreneur Blueprint will teach you how to create your own online course that can be formatted and sold on Amazon as a print-on-demand book, just like this one!

Section 1: What is a ‘Course As A Book’?
Chapter 1 – What is the Course As A Book Business Model?
Chapter 2 – Document Your Journey (Optional But Powerful)
Chapter 3 – Mindset: Creating A Passive Income Asset (Specialized Knowledge)
BONUS: Imposter Syndrome & The Dunning-Kruger Effect
Chapter 4 – What is Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?
Chapter 5 – Why ‘Course As A Book’ Works: KDP and The Power of Prime
Chapter 6 – ‘Course As A Book’ Examples: Online Arbitrage & The Ultimate Guide To Stencil
Chapter 7 – Choosing A Topic And Title For Your Online Course
Chapter 8 – Validating Your Online Course Topic
Chapter 9 – Make Or Save Money: Marketing Preview
Chapter 10 – How To Add Massive Value To A Book
Chapter 11 – Creating The Outline For Your Online Course
Section 2: Creating Your Online Course Content
Chapter 12 – Just Start Writing!
Chapter 13 – KDP Dashboard Preview
Chapter 14 – KDP Book Options: Sizes, Types, Lengths, Costs
Chapter 15 – Images And Screenshots
Chapter 16 – Creating Videos & Screen Capture Videos
Chapter 17 – Using QR Codes
Chapter 18 – Cover Files: Kindle And Paperback
BONUS: The Untimate Guide To Stencil
Chapter 19 – Branding, Domains, Websites, and Email
Chapter 20 – Using ‘Calls To Action’ (CTAs)
Chapter 21 – Uploading Your Book Files To KDP
Section 3: Launching And Marketing Your Book
Chapter 22 – Getting People To Care About Your Book/Course
Chapter 23 – The Value Ladder
Chapter 24 – KDP Select: Countdown Deals And Free Book Days
Chapter 25 – Amazon Author Pages and Author Central
Chapter 26 – Affiliates And Partnerships
Chapter 27 – Amazon Associates (Affiliate) Program
Chapter 28 – KDP Author Copies
Chapter 29 – Selling On Amazon: Seller Central, FBA, and MCF
Chapter 30 – Amazon Gifts
Chapter 31 – Sending Kindle Copies To Other People
Chapter 32 – Mirror To Udemy And Skillshare
BONUS: Final Thoughts & Additional Resources
BONUS: Recommended Books and YouTube Channels
BONUS: The Course As A Book Challenge
Still skeptical? Try it! If the methods in this book don’t work, simply return the book to Amazon.

Release Date: 12-03-2022

Package Dimensions: 29x278x1139

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