The Book of Rumi: 105 Stories and Fables that Illumine, Delight, and Inform

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Product Description

Author: Rumi

Brand: Hampton Roads Publishing

Number Of Pages: 208

Details: Review

“Maryam Mafi’s luminous translation brings the Persian poet Rumi’s distinctive and timeless Sufi lessons to a new audience, transforming the original verses into prose that conveys the vibrancy of the medieval setting while also sounding fresh. This beautifully produced volume is a welcome introduction to a classic poet’s work.” – Foreword Reviews ― Foreword Reviews

Product Description

Philip Pullman, author of ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy, has remarked that “after nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” This new collection of Rumi stories fills that need.
This fresh prose translation of 105 short teaching stories by Rumi, which form the core of the six-volume Masnavi, explores the hidden spiritual aspects of everyday experience. Rumi transforms the seemingly mundane events of daily life into profound Sufi teaching moments. These prose gems open the mystical portal to the world of the ancient mystic.
These stories include well-known and popular tales such as “Angel of Death,” “The Sufi and His Cheating Wife,” “Moses and the Shepherd,” “Chickpeas,” and “The Greek and Chinese Painters” as well as the less commonly quoted parables: “The Basket Weaver,” “The Mud Eater,” and “A Sackful of Pebbles.”
Rumi’s voice alternates between playful and authoritative, whether he is telling stories of ordinary lives or inviting the discerning reader to higher levels of introspection and attainment of transcendent values. Mafi’s translations delicately reflect the nuances of Rumi’s poetry while retaining the positive tone of all of Rumi’s writings, as well as the sense of suspense and drama that mark the essence of the Masnavi.

About the Author

Rumi was a 13th-century Persian Muslim poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic.

Maryam Mafi was born and raised in Iran. She went to Tufts University in the U.S. in 1977 where she studied Sociology and Literature. While reading for her Master’s degree in International Communications at American and Georgetown Universities she began translating Persian literature and has been doing so ever since. Reading Rumi’s poetry, she says, has led her to a ‘re-education’ in her own language and a new appreciation of her spiritual heritage.

Narguess Farzad is the Senior Tutor in the Faculty of Languages and Culture at the University of London.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

The Book of Rumi

105 Stories and Fables that Illumine, Delight, and Inform
By Maryam Mafi Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.Copyright © 2018 Maryam Mafi
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-746-4

The Parrot and the Grocer,
The Angel of Death,
The Fly Who Thought She Was a Sailor,
Merchant and Parrot,
The Old Harp Player,
The Sailor and the Professor,
The Man Who Wanted a Tattoo,
The Lion, the Wolf, and the Fox,
The Deaf Man and His Sick Neighbor,
Chinese and Greek Painters,
The Lover Who Was Nothing,
Spitting at Imam Ali,
The Snake Catcher and the Thief,
Jesus and the Skeleton,
The King’s Falcon,
The Shaykh and the Tray of Sweets,
The Sufi Who Lost His Donkey,
The Man Who Killed His Mother,
Sound of the Splash,
Thorny Shrubs,
Zolnoun in the Hospital,
Loghman and His Master,
Moses and the Shepherd,
Friendship with a Bear,
Two Different Birds Flying Together,
The Prophet Visits a Sick Man,
The Clown and the Prostitute,
The Wise Madman,
The Night Watchmen and the Drunk,
A Thief at Hand,
Four Indians in Prayer,
Setting an Example,
The Old Man and the Physician,
Juhi at the Funeral,
A Sackful of Pebbles,
God Will Not Punish Me,
Camel and Mouse,
Shaykh on the Boat,
Reprimanding a Darvish,
The Tree of Eternal Life,
Grapes for Four,
The Duckling,
Elephant Eaters,
The Painted Jackal,
Elephant in the Dark,
The Grey Beard,
The Sound of the Slap,
The Love Letter,
Students and Teacher,
The Wise Goldsmith,
The Basket Weaver,
Not Mourning the Dead,
Valuable Advice,
Escaping the Fool,
The Dru

Release Date: 01-11-2018

Package Dimensions: 20x227x330

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