The Flower That Went Mad: Bipolar Poetry

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Product Description

Author: Chandra Yogesh

Number Of Pages: 114

Details: Product Description

From the celebrated author of A Beautiful Poison comes a new collection of poetry focused on pain, loneliness, depression, suicide, loss, and healing.

the flower that went mad is filled with heartaches as well as joy and takes the readers through a journey of the up and the down moments in life. It expresses all the things that many are too afraid to open up about; it is painted with a thousand unsaid emotions at the turn of each page. But it is also about healing and finding one’s voice. All this suffering that you go through will not go unnoticed because there is meaning too in chaos.

This collection will nurture, allow & gently restore your healing abilities through the emotions that connect with subtle, yet infallible energy within you.


“This book is compelling, it’s raw and thought-provoking.” – Teraza M. Faulkner (Author of Moonlit Nights)

“The most amazing and powerful book of poetry.” – David A. Wimsett (Author of ‘Beyond the Shallow Bank’, ‘Dragons Unremembered’, ‘Something on my Mind’, and ‘Half Awakened Dreams’)

“Yogesh Chandra has a beautiful and direct way with words. As a poet myself, I enjoyed the internal rhyme, the cadence, and the modern take on ‘what is poetry’.” – R. Janet Walraven (Author of Rainbow of Promise)

“This book truly tugs at the heartstrings and makes you want to reach through the page to give Yogesh a hug for his poignant words of hope and encouragement.” – Shirlena (United States)

“This is a work of tireless dedication. Beautiful composition. Every page of the book engages one in an unsettling conversation, which is how one understands the world of the poet better.” – Varsha Khangwal (Poet, India)

“The book gives a deep insight into soul life.” – Ava H. (Germany)

From the Author

Dear Reader

I know that there is so much pain. I know that you too are struggling. But I also want you to know that good days will surely come. There is darkness today but tomorrow will be brighter, I promise you that. There are so many emotions that we always go through but are afraid to share them with those around us. Maybe we are just too afraid of being judged. But I want you to know that it’s okay to open up, to share what you’re going through every day. And you will realize that in your tale is an illumination that so many people around the world can relate to. You are special, please know that, and you too will heal.

From the Inside Flap

to have known madness
is as close i’ve ever been
to feeling poetry.

poetry is madness,
and madness is poetry.

-what it means to be mad

From the Back Cover

this is the suffering
that so many experience
but choose to remain silent.
this is the night that never ends.
this is the madness
that has a thousand names.
and this is also the healing
that was written in the stars
thirteen billion years ago.

About the Author

Yogesh Chandra is a poet based in Fiji. He found therapy in poetry and engages with the audience on the topics relating to depression, suicide, grief, and healing. He draws inspiration from the chaos that he had been presented with right from childhood. He shares his writings with the world to raise awareness on depression and aspires to be a voice to those who suffer in silence.

the night felt beautiful,
and we decided to make it
so we felt sad again.

-because no one forgets sadness

Yogesh’s confessional poetry is truly powerful. Everything around him, right from childhood, has been leading him to poetry. When he is not writing, Yogesh loves to explore the natural surrounding around him. He also pursues landscape photography as a hobby.

Release Date: 24-11-2021

Package Dimensions: 9x227x181

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