Tropical Oasis – Vegan Morning Liquid Multivitamins, Daily Liquid Vitamins with 74 Trace Minerals, 18 Amino Acids, and 10 Herbs, 32fl oz (960ml, 32 Servings)

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Drugstore » Tropical Oasis – Vegan Morning Liquid Multivitamins, Daily Liquid Vitamins with 74 Trace Minerals, 18 Amino Acids, and 10 Herbs, 32fl oz (960ml, 32 Servings)
Product Description

Brand: Tropical Oasis


  • Start Your Day Right – Powered with vitamins A, C, D, E, and B12, plus minerals and amino acids, our morning vegan vitamins revive your energy levels and keep you energized. This liquid multivitamin provides you with an everyday natural lift and helps you overcome sluggishness.
  • Makes You Look and Feel Young – Combat signs of maturing. Stay youthful, strong, and healthy despite your age! Our vegan multivitamin for women and men has properties that keep signs of maturing at bay. These are great hair, nails, and skin vitamins for women and men that help you stay healthfully vibrant.
  • Designed for Your Busy Lifestyle – Our liquid vitamins for men and women help you balance your active, always on-the-go lifestyle. High in liquid vitamins and minerals, it’s a multivitamin vegan energy-booster that provides the right amount of your much-needed nutrients daily to keep you in prime shape.
  • Superior Bioavailability – Unlike regular multivitamin for women and men, our liquid vitamins for men and women are highly absorbable with up to a 98% absorption rate. This easy to swallow and digest liquid multivitamin goes straight into your bloodstream, providing you 5x more liquid minerals, vitamins, and nutrients than adult multivitamins in tablet, capsule, or pill form.
  • Made Only with the Good Stuff – We use only the most excellent quality ingredients in every bottle of our vegan liquid multivitamin, so your body remains in tip-top shape. It doesn’t contain gluten, Gmos, artificial colors and flavors, lactose, or added sugar.

Details: Kick off each day feeling rejuvenated and stay energized from morning till night. Rid your mind and body of that tired, exhausted feeling in the morning and power up with the Vegan Morning Multivitamin Liquid by Tropical Oasis. Fortifies Your Body’s Defenses Protect your body and strengthen your immune response and defense against illnesses by taking our multivitamins for vegans daily with a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. This men’s and women multivitamin is packed with over 120 nutrients, essential vitamins, and trace minerals that your body needs every day. Keeps You Youthful and Vibrant Stay lively and feel fantastic each day even as you grow older! See and feel the difference with every intake of our liquid multivitamin and minerals. Feed your body with a daily dose of our vegan multivitamin for women and men. Get beautiful skin, strong nails, and gorgeous hair with the ample nourishment it delivers. Suggested Use Take 2 tablespoons (1fl oz or 30ml) daily, with food or immediately after a meal. A Brand You Can Trust At Tropical Oasis, we strive to provide a safe, effective, and vegan-friendly mineral multivitamin that’s non-Gmo, gluten-free, and lactose-free. We use only the finest ingredients with no added sugar, artificial colors, or synthetic flavors to formulate our vegan multi vitamins. No more sorting pills or taking capsules and tablets. Get your daily dose of liquid multivitamins and minerals from the easy-to-drink Vegan Morning Multi-Vitamin by Tropical Oasis. Grab a bottle today and start your journey to a more healthful lifestyle!

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Package Dimensions: 90x220x1129

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