uvBeast New V3 385-395nm Black Light UV Flashlight – HIGH Power Upgraded Triple Broad Band LEDs Best for Professional/Commercial Use – USA Stock – UK Design

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Tools » uvBeast New V3 385-395nm Black Light UV Flashlight – HIGH Power Upgraded Triple Broad Band LEDs Best for Professional/Commercial Use – USA Stock – UK Design
Product Description

Brand: uvBeast

Color: Anodized Anthracite


  • WHY uvBeast V3? It’s the evolution from 100 LED models. (1) V3 WILL SAVE YOU BIG MONEY IN THE LONG RUN. No more stung by hidden running costs that hurt your pocket. (2) HIGHER UV INTENSITY THAN 100 LED. Delivered by massive TRIPLE 1.2A UV LEDs. (3) UNBEATABLE UV RANGE. Now the UV beam throw goes out to more than 70 feet. This is BIG LEAGUE
  • YOU’LL MAKE BIG COST SAVINGS IN THE LONG RUN. uvBeast V3 does a re-configured power delivery system. Way more efficient than common 100 LED versions. A costly but necessary evil for that tech
  • EVEN HIGHER UV INTENSITY THAN 100 LED VERSIONS. Flick the switch on the V3 and you’ll see the difference of the upgraded 3x SMD LEDs. It’s most noticeable in the throw of the UV beam. It’s long range out to 70 feet, which is more than twice that of 100 LED versions. We even successfully tested the fluorescence of UV ink out to 135 feet! This UV flashlight will NOT leave you wanting for more
  • EVOLUTION FROM 100 LED. The 100 LED versions use the older DIP type LEDs (Dual Inline Package) encased in a bulb. There’s a limit to their UV output. We pushed that envelope with the V2. V3 now uses SMD tech to pump higher intensity UV delivered at 3.6 Amps (3×1.2A LEDs) – just when you thought that our 100 LED couldn’t get any more intense!
  • READY TO MOVE INTO ULTIMATE UV FLASHLIGHT POWER? Our 100 LED totally impressed the market, and just when they thought it couldn’t get any better. Well here it is. With V3 you’ll be making the transition into biggest league UV. We continually test the V3 in the lab, in the field, and with a select bunch of testers/critics to provide a great fit for your needs

Since 2015 folks have told us they love the uvBeast, BUT please make a rechargeable one, they said. Why? The costs add up with the 100 LED versions. Every 12-14 hours of use you’ll need to buy six AA alkaline batteries. In the long-run, that’s not exactly cheap. But, folks have our 100 LED models in return for blindingly good UV! So, here’s our give-back to you
WHAT’S NEW WITH V3It’s been inspired by working with some of the top government agencies and professional services who use the uvBeast. Now it uses rechargeable 18650 Li-ion cells. BUT, that’s not all. Powered by Li-ion means BIG SMD LEDs, more UV intensity and much more UV range, and all with the same UV top-quality beam (385-395nm) you’ve come to expect from us. To say that it’s even better than our 100 LED models is really saying something
SAVE HUGE COSTS WITH RECHARGEABLE 18650 LI-ION CELLSLet’s face it. You’re going to be owning an LED UV flashlight for years. Considered your total cost outlay for a 100 LED? You’ll need to buy a new set of six AA alkaline batteries every 12-14 hours of use. That’s quite a lot of dollars even over six months of use, let alone a single year
PROVEN AND TESTEDWe’ve already rolled this out to an early group of professionals and enthusiasts who are hard to please! Strong thumbs up, which means that you won’t be making a blind investment
CLAIM TO FAMEProducing a mega power, high intensity UV beam isn’t easy for a handheld portable package. Especially a uvBeast top-quality UV beam, unbeatable throw range, and a Li-ion power source, into one flashlight! We wanted to make sure that you won’t find others like it
What’s V3 really worth? x2 rechargeable cells gives you the life of 93 sets of x6 AA cells if you use the 100 LED versions. V3 will save you BIG running costs!

UPC: 633632141126

Package Dimensions: 85x237x621

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