W10695459, W10843353 Refrigerator LED Light Module Assembly Compatible with whirlpool, maytag, Replaces W11126053, W10660728, W10279030, W11205083, 1-year warranty

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Major Appliances » W10695459, W10843353 Refrigerator LED Light Module Assembly Compatible with whirlpool, maytag, Replaces W11126053, W10660728, W10279030, W11205083, 1-year warranty
Product Description

Brand: Hosile

Color: White


  • 【Package includes】W10695459 refrigerator led light module assembly with white case * 1, small female pin connectors in white terminal block * 2
  • 【Replacement part number】W10695459, W11205083, W11126053, W10660728, W10843353, W10279030. Special attention: Although W11130208 looks similar to W10695459, their connectors are different. Make sure to confirm clearly to avoid wasting your time and money.
  • 【Applicable refrigerator brands】This part fits for kenmore, kitchenaid, whirlpool, jenn-air, maytag, kenmore, elite. The specific applicable refrigerator models will be listed below. Before purchasing, please confirm whether your refrigerator model is suitable. In order to save your time and energy, we are also happy to help you confirm.
  • 【Installation tips】When installing this part, please remember to cut off the power supply of the refrigerator in advance, and wear work gloves to protect your hands.
  • 【After sale】Our products are made of high-quality materials and fit perfectly with original parts. For any problem, we will provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee at any time. If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us directly, you will get a satisfactory solution.

Details: Light board W10695459 fits behind the light lens and has LED lights that illuminate the interior of the refrigerator or freezer compartments.Compatible refrigerator models:whirlpool:3WSC19D4AY00 GSC25C4EYB00 GSS30C6EYY02 BRS70HEANA00 7GSC22C6XA003WSC19D4XB00 GSC25C4EYB01 GSS30C6EYY03 BRS70HRANA00 7GSC22C6XW003WSC19D4XD00 GSC25C4EYB02 GSS30C6EYY00 BRS70HRBNA00 7GSC22C6XY003WSC19D4XW00 GSC25C4EYW00 GSS30C6EYY01 BRS80ARANA00 7GSC22C6XY013WSC19D4XY00 GSC25C4EYW01 GSS26C4XXA02 BRS80ARANA01 7GSC22C6XA003WSC19D4XY01 GSC25C4EYW02 GSS26C4XXA03 BRS70HEANA00 6WSC20C6XW003WSC19D4AY00 GSC25C4EYY00 GSS26C4XXB02 WRF974CIHV00 6WSC20C6XD003WSC19D4XB00 GSC25C4EYY01 GSS26C4XXB03 WRF757SDHZ00 6WSC20C6XD023WSC19D4XD00 GSC25C4EYY03 GSS26C4XXF02 WRF757SDHZ01 6WSC20C6XD043WSC19D4XW00 GSC25C5EYB00 GSS26C4XXW02 WRF757SDEE01 6WSC20C6XW003WSC19D4XY00 GSC25C5EYB01 GSC25C4EYY02 WRF757SDEH01 6WSC20C6XB003WSC19D4XY01 GSC25C5EYB02 GSS26C4XXW03 WRV986FDEM01 6WSC20C6XB025WSC20CAYB00 GSC25C5EYW00 GSS26C5XXY02 WRV986FDEM00 6WSC20C6XB045WSC20CAYB00 GSC25C5EYW01 GSS26C4XXY04 WRS965CIAM00 6WSC20C6XY025WSC20CAYY00 GSC25C5EYW02 GSS30C7EYY00 WRS950SIAE00 6WSC20C6XY04GSC25C6EYY00 GSC25C5EYY00 GSS30C7EYY01 6WSC20C6XW02 6WSC20C6YB00GSC25C6EYY01 GSC25C5EYY01 GSS30C7EYY02 6WSC20C6XW04 6WSC20C6YY00GSC25C6EYY02 GSC25C5EYY02 GSS30C7EYY03 6WSC20C6XY00 GSC25C6EYB00GSC25C6EYW01 GSC25C5EYY03 GSC25C6EYW00 GSC25C6EYB01 kenmore:10651183110 10651183113 10651149112 10651149111 10651149110 5967238941310651183112 59672382413 59672383412 59672383413 59672389412ISC23CNEXW00 ISC23CDEXB00   6ISC20C6AY00 maytag:MFT2776DEH02 MFT2772HEZ00 MFT2776DEE02 MFT2776DEH02 MFT2776DEM01MFT2776DEM02 MFT2776FEZ00 MFT2776FEZ01 MFT2778EEZ01 MFT2772HEZOOMFT2772HEZO1 MFT2776DEMO1

UPC: 661706937122

Package Dimensions: 21x122x32

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