Yiming GZ550 GZ552 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Continental Napoleon Fireplaces. GZ550-1kt Fireplace Blower Kit for Continental BCDV36NTR CDV36PTR CDV34 CDV36NTR, Rotom HB-RB58 HBRB58.

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Home » Yiming GZ550 GZ552 Replacement Fireplace Blower Fan Kit for Continental Napoleon Fireplaces. GZ550-1kt Fireplace Blower Kit for Continental BCDV36NTR CDV36PTR CDV34 CDV36NTR, Rotom HB-RB58 HBRB58.
Product Description

Brand: Hiorucet

Color: GZ550-1kt Blower Kits


  • 【What’s in the box】The GZ550 GZ552 fireplace blower kit includes blower fan unit, 3-prong power cord, connecting wire, rheostat variable speed controller, thermostat, galvanized mounting bracket, noise reduction padding & installation instructions.▶ Cross Reference Numbers: GZ550, GZ552, HB-RB58, R7-RB58, P58L180, GD36NTR, GZ550-1KT, GZ550-KT.
  • 【Specifications of The Napoleon Fireplace Blower Kit】– ★ Blower total Length = 9.75″ Width = 3.23″ Height = 3.73″ Flange Opening = 7.13″. ★ Insulation: Class H (rated to 392F / 200C), Motor RPM: 3000, Airflow in C.F.M: 110, Volts: 120, 0.6 Amps, Frequency: 60HZ, Power Consumption: 31w, Certifications: Motor UL Approved; ★ Thermostat Temperature: 120°F / 90°F
  • 【 Installs Easily and Reduces Noise 】 ★ The GZ552 GZ550-KT fireplace blower fan kit for Napoleon fireplaces comes with double stick foam pads to attach it to the existing fireplace walls. ★ The foam pads also help with stopping any noise created by the fan from being transmited to the sheet metal back wall of the gas insert and making it act like a sound amplifier.
  • 【Adjustable Fan Speeds, Turns On/Off Automatically】★ The gz550-1kt fireplace blower fan speed is manually controlled by rotating the speed control knob until the desired speed is achieved. ★ The thermal switch can automatically control the on/off function of your fireplace blower fan. Temperature switch closes at approximately 120°F and opens at approximately 90°F (+/- 5°F tolerance).
  • 【Fits Brand】 ★ The GZ552 GZ550 fireplace blower fan kit is designed to fit a number of fireplaces, including Continental and Napoleon. ▶ Universal Applications : The gz550-kt blower kit can typically be used in universal applications, so long as adequate mounting space is available.

Details: The GZ552 GZ550-1KT Fireplace Blower for: NapoleonGD36NTR, BGD33NR, BGD33PR, BGD33PR, BGD34-1NT, BGD34-1PT, BGD36CFGN-1, BGD36CFGP-1, BGD36CFNTR, BGD36CFNTRE, BGD36CFPTR, BGD36CFPTRE, BGD36NTR, BGD36PTR, BGD40-N, BGD40-N, BGD40-P, BGD40-P, BGD42N, BGD42P, BGD48CFN, BGD48CFP, BGD48N, BGD48P, BGNV36N, BGNV36P, BGNV42N, BGNV42P, GD 1800-NM, GD 1800-PM, GD 3000-NM, GD 3000-PM, GD15, GD15-N, GD15-P, GD16, GD16-N, GD16-P, GD17, GD17-N, GD17-P, GD19, GD19-N, GD19-P, GD20, GD20-N, GD20-P, GD22, GD22-N, GD22-P, GD25, GD25-N, GD25-P, GD27, GD27-N, GD27-P, GD3200B-N, GD3200B-P, GD3200-N, GD3200-P, GD33NR, GD33PR, GD34-1NT, GD34-1PT, GD36MN, GD36MN-1, GD36MP, GD36MP-1, GD36PTR, GD40, GD40-N, GD40-P, GD45, GD45-N, GD45-P, GD70, GD70NT, GD70NT-2S, GD70NT-S, GD70PT, GD70PT-2S, GD70PT-S, GI3014B-N, GI3014B-P, GI3014-N, GI3014-N, GI3014-P, GI3014-P, GVF36N, GVF36P, GVF40N, GVF40P, GVF42N, GVF42P, HD35NT, HD35NT-1, HD35PT, HD35PT-1, HD40NT, HD40NT-1, HD40PT, HD40PT-1, HD46NT, HD46NT-1, HD46PT, HD46PT-1, HDX40NT, HDX40NT-1, HDX40NT-1, HDX40PT, HDX40PT-1, LHD45N, LHD45P ContinentalBC36, BC36DFN, BC36DFNE, BC36DFP, BC36DFPE, BCDV33, BCDV33NR, BCDV33PR, BCDV34, BCDV34-1NT, BCDV34-1NTE, BCDV34-1PT, BCDV34-1PTE, BCDV34NT, BCDV34PT, BCDV36, BCDV36CF, BCDV36CFGN, BCDV36CFGN-1, BCDV36CFGP, BCDV36CFGP-1, BCDV36CFNTR, BCDV36CFPTR, BCDV36NTR, BCDV36PTR, BCDV40, BCDV40-N, BCDV40-P, BCDV42, BCDV42CF, BCDV42CFN, BCDV42CFP, BCDV42N, BCDV42P, BCDV48, BCDV48CFN, BCDV48CFP, BCDV48N, BCDV48P, BCNV36, BCNV36N, BCNV36P, BCNV40, BCNV40N, BCNV40P, BCNV42, BCNV42N, BCNV42P, CDV33, CDV33NR, CDV33PR, CDV34, CDV34-1NT, CDV34-1NTE, CDV34-1PT, CDV34-1PTE, CDV34NT, CDV34PT, CDV36, CDV36NTR, CDV36PTR, CDV70, CDV70NT, CDV70NT-S, CDV70PT, CDV70PT-S, CHD35, CHD35NT, CHD35PT, CHD40, CHD40NT, CHD40PT, CHD46, CHD46NT, CHD46PT, CHDX40, CHDX40NT, CHDX40NT-1, CHDX40PT, CHDX40PT-1, CHDX40T, CLHD45, CLHD45N, CLHD45P, CVF36, CVF36N, CVF36P, CVF40, CVF40N, CVF40P, CVF42

UPC: 755419681721

Package Dimensions: 140x360x1792

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