Z-Wave.Me RaZberry2 – Z-Wave Plug-On Module for Raspberry Pi (US frequency)

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Personal Computer » Z-Wave.Me RaZberry2 – Z-Wave Plug-On Module for Raspberry Pi (US frequency)
Product Description

Brand: Z-Wave.ME


  • Z-Wave transceiver pluggable to the GPIO interface of the Raspberry PI
  • Optimized transceiver firmware running on the Z-Wave transceiver chip
  • Certified Z-Wave communication stack Z-Way – running on the Raspberry PI and offering a web based interface
  • Z-Way AJAX based demo User Interface for easy access to all Z-Wave functions of Z-Way and as a reference for own User Interface enhancements.
  • Attention: The Raspberry PI board is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Details: The Z-Wave Razberry-Pi 2 GPIO Daughter Card turns every Raspberry Pi board into a Z-Wave Home Automation Gateway. The bundle of hardware and pre-compiled Z-Wave wireless network management software waits to be completed by your own user interface running in a web browser or a mobile phone.

The included Z-Way API offers an easy to understand and easy to use interface applying the well-known JavaScript interface technology JSON on a built in web server.

Writing your own home automation app was never easier and never more affordable


*Sigma Designs 3102 Z-Wave Transceiver Module
*32 Kbyte external EEPROM – PCBA Antenna for 868/908 MHz
*Connects directly to Raspberry PI GPIO connector

*Based on Reference design from Sigma Designs
*Enhanced functions such as:
*Backup and recovery
*Vendor specific UI settings
*Extended Node Information Frame (up to 20 Command Classes)
*Optimized queue handling
*Firmware update from the Raspberry PI OS

*Certified Z-Wave Middle-ware written in C
*Full Z-Wave based Smart Home Gateway
*Network management (Include, Exclude, Reorganize
*Device interview and configuration
*Management of direct associations between devices
*Sensor access and polling
*Operating actors and access actors status
*Automation engine with rules, scripts, timers
*Job queue management
*Tested against Raspbian wheezy OS
*Implements Z-Wave Network controller based on SDK 4.54
*Offers a native C level API plus web based JSON API
*Local scripting based on Google Java Script Engine V8
*Optimized data subscription model to minimize data traffic over the net
*Localization based on XML language files

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Package Dimensions: 15x48x18

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