Aipoilk 910-157/P Blower Motor Fan Replacement for Regency, Osburn, Nordica, Valley Comfort and Pacific Energy Fireplaces | Rotom R7-RB167

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The Storepaperoomates Retail Market » Catalog and Departments » Personal Computer » Aipoilk 910-157/P Blower Motor Fan Replacement for Regency, Osburn, Nordica, Valley Comfort and Pacific Energy Fireplaces | Rotom R7-RB167
Product Description

Brand: Aipoilk


  • Compatibility: Fits Regency Alterra CI1200 CI1250 CS1200 CS2400, Regency Classic H2100 C33 C34 F2400 I1100 I1200 I2400 I3100, Regency Energy U41, Regency F1000, F1100, F3100 S2400 & S3100, Regency Hampton H200 H27 HI200 HI300 HI400, Regency Horizon HZ40E, Regency Panorama P42, Regency Ultimate P42 U43 U45 U46, Regency Warmhearth Z2510L, Regency Waterford E61 T25, Regency U900E, Z2510, Regency 910-157/P.
  • Compatibility: Fits Osburn FD006-1600, Osburn1600 insert, 1800 insert/stove, 2200 insert, Osburn Bay Vista, Brittania 31, DV 36, LA 30, Saturna, Romance 28, Series C, Westbay 38. Fits Nordica Diamond, Pacific Energy-Esteem 5053-947, 846-515, Valley Comfort, Fasco 7002-1990.
  • Included With Purchase: Includes 100% ball bearing replacement blower, 6 rubber grommets, 3 wire electrical leads (black, white, red), 1 year warranty.
  • Features Of The All Components: 910-157/P replacement blower for Regency, Osburn, Nordica, Valley Comfort and Pacific Energy fireplaces. Features a quiet and adjustable 2-speed ball bearing motor that operates at low and high speeds(White wire – neutral, Black wire – high speed, Red wire – low speed). Motor is thermally protected for safety. Integrated mounting brackets with rubber isolation pads are included.
  • Technical Specifications: Blower Length = 12.75″ Width = 4″ Height = 4 1/16″ Air Discharge = 4 7/8″ x 1″ each blower | 80 (low) / 135 (high) CFM, 2600 RPM, 115 Volts, 1.25 Amps, Motor Bearing Type: Ball. Cross Reference Parts #: 910-157/P, 910157/P, 1-910-157-P, Rotom R7-RB167, Replaced by Regency #11-1227, 490-917, 200-917, 846-515, 946-515, 120-915, 350-917, 910-911, 910-912, 210-915, 300-911, 300-915, 170-915, 142-917, 163-915, 600-515/P, 290-917, 610-517/P
  • Benefits Of Adding A Fireplace Blower: Improves fireplace efficiency – Helps reduce costly energy bills – Heats large rooms effectively – Installs quickly and easily – Affordable and efficient

Details: 910-157 fan blower replacement for Regency, Osburn, Nordica, Valley Comfort and Pacific Energy fireplaces. For additional compatibility, please see the table below.Fits: Regency Alterra CI1200, CI1250, CS1200, CS2400. Regency Classic C33, C34, F2400, H2100, I3100, I1200, I2400. Regency Energy U41. Regency F Series F1000, F1100, F3100, 3100. Regency Hampton H200, H27, HI200, HI300, HI400. Regency Horizon HZ40E. Regency Panorama P42. Regency Ultimate P42, U43, U45. Regency Warmhearth Z2510L. Regency Waterford E61, T25. C33, C33-1, C33-2, C33-3, C34, C34-1, C34-2, C34-3, C-34-10, GR47, GR48, GR54, GR55, GR57, GR58, GR77, GR78, HZ40E, HZ40E-1, HZ40E-2, HZ40E-10, HZ54E, HZ54E-1, HZ54EPV, P42, P42-1, P42-2, P42-3, P42-4, U23, U24, U41, U41-1, U41-2, U41-3, U41 -FS, U41-IN, U42, U43, U44, U43-1, U43-2, U43- 3, U41-DV, U45, U45-1. U45-2, U45-3, U46, U900E, U1500E, Z30DVT, Alterra: CS1200, CS2400, CI1250; CI2601, F1100S, F2100M, F2400M, F3100L, F3500B, F5100B, H2000M, H2100M, I1100S, I1200S, I2100M, I2400M, I3100L, R12, S2100M, S3100L, Z2510, Z2500RO, Nordica Diamond, Osburn FD006-1600, Pacific Energy-Esteem 5053-947, 846-515, Regency 910-157 , Valley Comfort, Fasco 7002-1990Sealed Ball Bearing Motor – Powerful, Quiet, Quperbly Balanced, Energy Efficient and Long LastingBlower only – 2 Speed Motor, 80/135 CFM, 2600 RPM, 1.25 amps, 115 Volts2 openings: 1inch x 4 7/8inch, Distance between flanges 3.25inch1 Year Blower Wiring InstructionsPlease note that installation will vary by the make and model of your fireplace, so please consult with your installation manual for further instructions. It will help to make a note of all wire connections before fan removal.White wire – neutralBlack wire – high speedRed wire – low speed

UPC: 755419211775

Package Dimensions: 155x381x2368

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